Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Up And At 'Em

Wow! Does my breakfast look a little different this morning?? Yes, just a little...I had a Thomas' Light English Muffin with a single-serve packet of Barney Butter...OMG, yum! (Even if I did have to pay $10 for 10 little packets of was like $3 plus $10 shipping, or something close. My credit card statement said $13!! Crazy! I hope my hubby doesn't see that one!) And then I had to have my Dannon Light n Fit vanilla yogurt with mixed berries. I couldn't go completely off-the-wall! It was all delish!

I was awake this morning at 530am. I wanted to go back to sleep so badly, but I knew if I did it would be even harder to get up at 6. So I turned on the news and drug myself out of bed. I took Tyler to basketball practice and came back and had just enough time to run 8 miles. I took Zachary to school at 8, and got to take a shower as soon as I got home. I had plans to pay bills this afternoon, but a trip to sign papers today means that I have to adjust my schedule a little. So I came downstairs and paid bills first...before I ate breakfast. By the time I was done it was almost 10am and I was starving! Breakfast was extra good because of that I'm sure! And because of that darn Barney Butter...I'm going to have to ration it out though, because I can't afford to make that order very often. :-(

So we are leaving to go sign papers as soon as my hubby gets his office work done. He's been wheelin' and dealin' all morning (well actually drawing plans and putting together estimates). I am taping "The View" because I don't have time to sit down and watch it this morning and it's a whole hour of hot topics. Those days are my favorites! Well I've gotten so much done this morning that I can relax for a second. I'm just going to catch up on my blogs until he is ready to go. Hope you all have a great day!


Gina said...

i loooove barney butter! i just wish it wasn't so darn expensive! i have one little pack that i'm eating in between classes tonight and then i'm all out :(
enjoy your day!!

Sarah said...

Erica, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I really appreciate your support :) Hope you have a great day. I'm going to have to get some of that Barney Butter after hearing you and Tina from Carrots 'n Cake talk about it, haha!

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for Barney Butter! :0)

Hang in there with the busyness!

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