Sunday, September 7, 2008

Still Partying Hard! (More Pics)

Thought I'd post a few more party pics from last night!
Tyler posing with his cake!
Brad playing guitar

Michelle, Erica (me), Lacey, and Jessica (sis)

What a group of kids! Tyler is in the red with the "peace" signs, Zachary is in the orange on the shoulders, Katie is up front in the pink and brown tank, Hailey (Adrian & Michelle's oldest) is in the gray AERO shirt, and Spencer (their youngest) is up front in the gray t-shirt with neon yellow.

Whew! What a night!

1 comment:

Sammie said...

Your son looks so much like you. It looks like the party was a blast - I would say you guys are cool!!! Love the rocker cake.
If you want me to send you anything from WF or TJ's - things you want to try but can't buy where you live - let me know because I am so willing to hook you up with stuff. I am very lucky that I have access to the best stores but I live with TONS of NOISE!!! I am so used to it that I don't even notice it anymore. When I go to my mom's house (Eastport, ME), I find it to be too quiet - yeah I know crazy.
I wish you lived closer I think we could totally hang out. Enjoy your evening.

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