Monday, September 1, 2008

NAME CHANGE You know when you are typing so fast and one letter accidently gets typed before another letter? Yeah, well I did that. I guess when I was typing in the word "exercises" in my web address I got the "c" and the "i" mixed up because I was looking at my phone when I was doing some mobile-blogging this weekend and knew it didn't look right. I was hoping that it was just mixed up on my phone for some reason and the real address of my blog wasn't "ericaexericsesneats." But see, how when you read that quickly, sometimes your brain just doesn't register! Geez. I feel so stupid right now! But I have fixed it, so if you type in my old (wrong) address you won't get me, but if you type the word "exercises" like it's supposed to be spelled, then you will find me! Sorry for the inconvenience, all! I told you I was just getting the hang of you thought I would at least have the spelling part down, huh?! Anyway, here's to a better start to the week! (And fewer spelling errors!)

1 comment:

VeggieGirl said...

I'm glad you let me know on my blog - I was wondering what happened! :0)

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