Saturday, January 31, 2009

~*25 Random Things*~

I was doing one of those "Tag, you're it" things on Facebook this morning (Hey, we've been snowbound all week, I was bored!) and I thought it would make a good post. So without further are
25 Random Things About ME!

1) I am married to my high school sweetheart.
2) I used to say that I wanted 6 children, that quickly got reduced to 4, then once we had our girl we knew we were done!
3) I love to cook, not so much bake, but to cook a big meal for my family is def my thing!
4) I run almost every single day...about 30ish miles/week.
5) I am very into sports. Basketball being my favorite, followed closely by baseball, then football.
6) For Christmas my hubby and I don't buy each other gifts, we take trips!
7) I have more animal heads in my home than people who live here.
8) When I come home from a visit down south, I bring home some southern twang in my speech for a few days.
9) I had my first cavity when I was in 4th grade...I was devastated! lol
10) As a kid I took piano lessons and gymnastics and all I have to show for it is chopsticks and a cartwheel. Sorry Mom;-)
11) I am a perfectionist.
12) I want to be old and wrinkly when I die.
13) I think of myself as a "parent" figure to my little brother and sisters.
14) I watch too much tv and I am the master of the remote in our household, not my hubby!
15) I wish someone would have pushed me to play basketball when I was younger...such a "waste of height" (quote by coach jenks)!
16) I have 70+ hrs of college with a 4.0 gpa.
17) I went to Space Academy in Huntsville, AL for a week when I was 13; I wanted to be an astronaut.
18) I get terribly homesick, have since I was a little girl.
19) I would sing "Jesus Loves Me" when I got scared when I was little.
20) My love language is "Words of Affirmation." A compliment from my hubby goes a long way with me.
21) I want to be a cheerleader when I grow up. No, seriously.
22) I start each day eating very healthy and it usually goes downhill from there!
23) I have been with the love of my life for exactly half of my life, 15 1/2 years.
24) I like to eat deer meat, turkey, or fish but the thought of eating rabbit, squirrel, or frog legs absolutely makes me gag!
25) I repeat these beautiful words from Isaiah 33:6 a million times a day: "He is your constant source of stability..."

Tonight I finally going to get out of the house! I'm technically not supposed to be out and about too much on days 7-14 (today is day 9) due to lowered blood counts and increased risk for catching "something" but I have a good excuse: tomorrow is my birthday and we are going out to dinner! My hubby and little ones, my parents, brother, sisters and their hubbies, and little Ethan of course are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate my 31st birthday, which is kinda getting overshadowed by this little thing called the Super Bowl. Just jokes, I love Super Bowl Sunday, too! But we are celebrating tonight as well with a wonderful dinner and (hopefully...crossing fingers) ice cream cake! My hubby and boys went to PB today, maybe they will run by DQ and pick one up?! Hope so! I hope ya'll have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let It Ice & Snow

Boy, have we got hammered by winter weather this week! All day Monday, the local and national forecasts were showing this massive winter storm developing that was going to be headed our way...they weren't wrong. Monday night the ice started to fall...and fall...and fall...and fall. For over 24-hrs nothing but sleet and freezing rain, ugh. Then yesterday night, we added about 4" of snow. Needless to say, school has been out the last two days and will be out the rest of the week. The roads here are very hazardous. Our power went out last night for about two hours, luckily around 930pm it came back on. My sister, however, was not so lucky. She lives about 45 minutes from here, and she has been without power for two days. To top it off, she is sick with a horrible sore throat and congestion. Bless her heart. So my hubby and my dad put the chains on the tires and headed to get her this afternoon so she could be warm and get some antibiotics. So my other sister and I, who were complaining about missing The Biggest Loser last night, seem pretty pathetic. Poor Jess. Hopefully when she gets to mom and dad's she can relax and start to feel better.
So that's all we've been up to for the last couple of days...just hanging out and "admiring" all the white stuff outside. Check out this pic of our beautiful river in all it's wintery glory.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another One Down!

Yep, I'm a whole hand! (That's what Katie said on her 5th birthday in Nov.) LOL

I am currently at Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis receiving my 5th chemotherapy treatment as I type. Thank you all for your prayers, our trip here was safe and on time and my blood work was perfect! I have slept quite a bit this time around, probably because I was awake at 1am and could NOT go back to sleep! Thanks, Jenna...I think I'm catching your insomnia! ;-) No really, I was afraid that I was going to oversleep because we had to leave at 5.

After treatment, I need to make a quick Target run on our way out of the city and we may get something to eat, I'm not sure. Then it's home sweet home and back to my babies! I can almost say that I only have 1 more!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shakin' It Up

I decided a couple of days ago that I needed to get back to a little strength training. Squats (blech), jump squats (double blech), lunges, pushups, know the drill. Swimsuit season will be here before we know it, and breast cancer or not, I still want my booty to look decent in a swimsuit! LOL So a couple evenings ago I did some squats and lunges while watching tv and this morning I a broke out an old routine that I haven't done in forever. Ya'll know I love my running so I can't cut that out, so I just add to it by doing a little calisthenics. I use a format that I found on's Fit In Fitness Blog. Here's what I do:

  • Take a deck of cards and shuffle them; lay them out on a table where I can draw from them.
  • Label 4 pieces of paper with a suit (clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts) and an exercise. I use squat jumps, lunges, pushups, and jumping jacks.
  • Do 10 minutes of cardio. I run for 10 minutes (surprise, surprise!).
  • Draw a card from the deck and do whatever exercise matches the suit of the card I draw, the number on the card is the number of reps. K, Q, J are 10; A is 11. Keep drawing cards and doing exercises for 5 minutes.
  • Repeat 10 minutes of cardio and 5 minutes of calisthenics 2x, or as many times as you wish.

This is such a great way for me to work out! Because I love to run and not so much the other stuff, this is a good way for me to get both. I usually do this workout for an hour. This morning I ran a total of 5 miles. Woohoo!

Have a great Thursday bloggies!!

**Please say a little prayer that all my blood work looks good tomorrow and I will be "broadcasting" from Pod 4 and Chemo #5!!!**

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Creeping Along

It seems like this week is moving s.o. s.l.o.w.l.y. I don't know if it's because I am excited about my treatment on Friday or what, but it is taking forever! I am excited to go on Friday only because
I'm ready to knock treatment #5 O-U-T!
It's not a party, for sure, but I get to cross another one off the list...when I leave on Friday, hopefully I will be able to say that I only have one more left! Wahoo! I say hopefully because I just pray that my blood work is where it needs to be so I can have treatment. I am believing God that it will be perfect! Praise Him!

Yesterday was an exciting day for our country! I woke up early (6am) to run so that I would have that out of the way so I could plop down in the recliner and watch all the inauguration coverage. I don't care who you are or how you voted, it was a historical day! I told the boys when they left for school that I hoped that their teachers would let them watch some of the coverage...they said they did get to catch some of it. :-) I'm glad! I did take a little break from watching around lunchtime to go my friend's house who is undergoing treatment for lymphoma (I've talked about her before). We had a lunch-time pizza party (because it's our fave!) to celebrate her CLEAN PET SCAN that she had on Monday!!! We are ecstatic! So that means no more chemo; it's on to the stem-cell transplant. And while that's no picnic, at least she is not going into it trying to still fight active cancer. Praise God! So the celebration was on!

Today is much less exciting. I got up this morning and ran 5 miles on inclines. I always run with it set on 1%, today I bumped it up and varied between 2 and 2 1/2%. I'm always amazed at how just a little bit of an incline over 45 minutes makes a real difference!

I hope everyone else's week is moving a little quicker!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Escapes

Welcome Monday! For those of you who have the day off, I hope you're enjoying it and making the most of the long weekend! We had a weekend on-the-go...yay! On Saturday, we met my parents and sister and went to PB to eat at our fave Mexican restaurant, Maya's. Delish. Seriously the best ever. I think I ate my weight in chips...oops! Then we all went to see "Paul Blart Mall Cop." We love the "King of Queens" show, so we definitely wanted to see this was very funny. I like going to see a movie that doesn't require a lot of thinking but makes you laugh! Mission accomplished. After that we were ready to come home, so my sister, Jessica and her hubby Jason, came over to watch the North Carolina game (we're fans of UNC men's basketball) and we had pizza and relaxed for the evening.

Yesterday, my hubby had to work until about 1. Afterwards we went to see our cabin in Doniphan (about 40 minutes from here). It is so close to being finished! I can't wait until this summer when all we are doing is sitting on the deck and watching the river flow by! Ahhhhhhh, that's relaxation. For the last 4 months, we have called it our "happy place," and now it's almost finished. We had to make another stop at another job site so my hubby could pick up some scaffolding that he needed on another job today, and had thought about stopping to have dinner, but by that time, we were tired. So we just came home, grilled some steaks, had a quiet evening and geared up to start the week. Have a great one, ya'll!

"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness." 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Friday, January 16, 2009


I just got home from picking up the boys at school. While I was waiting in the car outside the school I was just sitting there gabbing on the phone with my sister. A local man came up to my car and knocked on my window. It was John, a fellow parent; his kids go to school with our kids. And in a town this small, you know EVERYBODY! Anyway, I was kinda annoyed because so many people will just stop and ask how you're doing and just kinda nose their way into their business. Believe me, I've gotten that a lot. But I put my phone down while he asked his questions, "How are you doing? Are you still going for treatments?" As we were talking, he put his closed hand into my car and said, "This is to help out with all your trips to St. Louis. I just feel that God led me to give this to you." I just sat there, speechless. I thanked him so much as I took the money he was handing me. I was just so touched. And so in awe...of God. Of how He works. And how he provides. Constantly and Faithfully. Just had to share with ya'll.

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19 KJV

Memory Verse #2

As I have mentioned before, I am participating in Beth Moore's 1st and 15th Scripture Team on her blog, LPM. What we do is pick a Bible verse and memorize it (or at least focus and meditate on it) on the 1st and 15th of every month. The goal is to have 24 Scriptures firmly embedded in our mind and on our tongue at the end of 2009. I believe there are close to 3,000 women who are a part of the group. If anyone is interested, please feel free to join in at any time! You can select your own verse, or use any of the ones already chosen by others. My 2nd verse is:

"Moreover, the Lord your God will send the hornet among them until even the survivors who hide from you have perished." Deuteronomy 7:20
I chose this verse because when I was doing Beth's "Believing God" study, it was included in our daily homework and I knew I had to remember it. She told the story of a friend of hers, who was fighting cancer, and she used the word "hornet" as a symbol for the chemotherapy drugs. And the "survivors" are the little microscopic bits of cancer that they were trying to kill that could be floating around inside her body. So this verse means to me that God is using my chemo drugs as a hornet, going throughout my body, finding any and all bits of cancer that could be floating around, hiding. I believe God meant for me to see this verse and for me to apply it to myself. Beautiful isn't it? The way God works..... I'm constantly amazed. Ah, Sovereign Lord!

Today has been a great Friday so far. I got up and my toe was not throbbing :-) so I went for a 4 mile run before I took the boys to school. The lady who cleans our house got here just as I was finishing breakfast, and she hasn't been here in 2 weeks...YIKES! So I am loving her right now! I did our bookwork and payroll earlier then I made mashed potato soup and put them in hollowed out bread bowls and took them to Michelle's office for us for lunch. It is the perfect day for potato soup, too, because it is so cold here (it was actually 0* this morning!) and it has been snowing for about an hour and a half. It's beautiful. As long as it doesn't accumulate too much, it's beautiful! So I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Friday, I hope you do the same!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out 'N About

Today, in chemo terms, is Day 14. My dr said to be especially careful germ-wise between days 7-14, when my blood counts are at their lowest; He said I am most susceptible to catching a bug during this time. So today I busted out! Granted it wasn't a fun trip, or very long, but it was OUT! Out of the house, and out of town! Tyler had an orthodontist appointment this morning at 9 in PB (45 minutes away) so we dropped off Zachary at school and headed out. We dropped Tyler off at the ortho and went to Walmart where, my hubby so kindly took Katie to the toy section and kept her busy so I could get in the most peaceful household/grocery shopping trip of my life! I was shopping so slow, too! Making the most of every uninterrupted minute!! You moms know how it is, you can't go down ANY aisle without the kids finding something they need, and probably can't live without. And it is only halfway into the venture that they 1)Have a desperate urge to leave the store, NOW, or 2)Have a desperate urge to go to the bathroom, again, NOW! And the rest of the trip is spent flying down aisles trying to hurry and get the necessities before someone has a meltdown...sometimes me! So this morning I just leisurely wandered through the aisles, slowly and peacefully. It was wonderful! And when I was finished, and Tyler was ready to be picked up, I was (surprisingly) ready to head for home! I didn't care that we didn't eat lunch, or stop at any other store, I was so happy to have been out.

We left first thing this morning so I didn't get my run in until we got home. I did four easy miles with 6 (1 minute ea.) - 5% hills. Didn't push myself, or my toe; but it was good. So now I am just doing some blog reading and relaxing until it is time to go get Zachary from school. Now that I have a full refrigerator and pantry and have ample ideas for supper, I can't decide which to make! Haha! Decisions, decisions..... :-D

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disjointed Day

Anybody else ever have one of those days when everything and nothing sounds good at the same time?? I was so tummy-hungry for lunch, but nothing sounded good at all. It is getting super cold and windy here today so I thought a grilled cheese and soup would be good. I heated up a can of Amy's Lentil Vegetable and made my grilled cheese. I knew something was going to be off when I caught a whiff of the soup as I got it out of the micro and it almost made me gag! And I like lentil soup! But I couldn't eat it. At all. Like, had to get rid of it. So I had my grilled cheese, an apple, and some cheese and crackers. Then a square of dark chocolate. ;-) I hate it when I get like this. Now I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to have for dinner and here I am stuck.

My run this morning was frustrating, too. I was a little over a mile into my run and the power flickers...I'm assuming the wind? It is extremely windy here today. Anyway, the "flicker" was enough to of course shut off everything, the treadmill and computer being the two most important at the moment! So I stomped to the computer to turn my xm back on and hopped back on the treadmill. I got another 1/2 mile in, and it WENT OFF AGAIN! It happened a total of 3 times this morning!! I'm glad I make a point of checking the distance often, so I know pretty much know how far I've gone. But I was so mad by the time I was done! lol So I had a "lovely," disjointed, approximately 5 mile hill run this morning. Ugh.

I had to put a call into my dr this morning. One of my toenails is sore at the bottom rim of it, and getting kinda red and puffy. Now, as a runner, I am familiar with blisters, callouses, black toenails, and all the other lovely foot issues that runners can face. But one of my chemo meds can also cause some nail changes (neuropathy) so Michelle wanted me to call my dr and ask them if we should treat is as an infection (oral antibiotics) or just chalk it up to running+neuropathy. The answer was to treat it as an infection since it is getting red and slightly swollen. Yay. So far I have had a course of antibiotics in between each treatment. I'm telling ya, there is nothing surviving in my body that is not supposed to be there! LOL

OK, I'm going to take my disjointed day and just go on with it. Katie and I are going to pick up the boys at school in a few minutes and run our errands. Hopefully something will come to me as far as dinner goes so I don't wander aimlessly around the store! Maybe I can get a nap in as's hoping!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Misplaced Meal

Well, as anticipated, there wasn't too much excitement at our house this weekend! Gah, I am so ready for chemo to be over so I can resume a "normal" life! The boys went to the WWE on Saturday night, but Jack came home sick. Sinus congestion, cough...I'll spare you the details. But thank God for Michelle, who met us at her clinic and said he was bad enough that he needed a shot, and another one today, AND oral antibiotics. I'll say it again, "Thank you, God, for Michelle!" I hate it when he's sick, and on top of that, the last thing we need right now is for him to end up with pneumonia! So today he woke up already feeling much better and went to work.

I got up this morning and ran 5 miles while I listened to the Gayle King show on XM. I really like to listen to her, most of the time. And it has been a while since I listened while I'm running...I've been so wrapped up in my Desperate Housewives DVDs that I got for Christmas, that it was nice for a change! After that I came upstairs and did 20 minutes of Yoga for Runners from I am really liking the yoga.

Right now I am just waiting until it is time to go get the boys from school. The dinner decision has already been decided...I am making breakfast for dinner tonight! Do ya'll do this much?? I remember growing up that my mom would make breakfast for dinner every once in a while. And it's been a long time since I've done that, so tonight is the night. Now I just have to decide what to choose out of the tons of options floating around my head! Do I want to go savory and have eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy or go sweet and make belgian waffles or pancakes and such?? I could just make a smorgasboard of it all, but that would be dangerous! Probably not a good idea. I'll have to decide by store-time!

I hope ya'll are having a great start to your week!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally Friday

Happy Friday! I am so glad it's Friday. And as a bonus, it is beautiful outside today...seriously there is not a cloud in the sky! Ahhhhh..... I love going into the weekend. It always seems to be so full of promise: no alarm clocks, no "daily" chores, no routine. Basically 2 days of blank slate!

I guess there is one item on the schedule for this weekend, but sadly not for me. We got the boys tickets to a WWE match for Christmas and they're going tomorrow night. And by boys, I mean big and little boys! I'm excited for them, but I wish I had something fun to do, too! I'm going to call my sister, Jessica, and see if she wants to come over and hang out or something. I'm kind of limited anyway because I am currently on germ-watch. I certainly don't want to go out and pick up a "bug" of any kind, and being that it is cold and flu season it would probably be pretty easy. I will be so glad when chemo is over so that I can go back to doing everything I normally do without being so sterile-careful. And I can see the end in sight! Hallelujah!

I got up this morning and did 5 miles of hills and speed intervals on the TM. I bought a Nike Workout on iTunes a couple of years ago and I hadn't done it in awhile, so I used that. It's a 30 minute workout, but I always tack on a little at the end to make it 45. I started to do the Yoga for Runners after that, but after 10 minutes was interrupted by my hubby who had billing questions about some invoices that had to go out. By the time I was done explaining, I was cold and over my calming yoga moment. :-( Oh well, maybe later.

So today looks pretty easy. I did all my bookwork and payroll stuff yesterday afternoon so there is none of that to do today. My lady who comes once a week to clean is gone this week, so I should probably go at least clean the bathrooms and give things a once over, but I sooooo don't want to! The dishwasher repairman is coming at noon to put a new motor in my dishwasher that has been broken for the last month...I am very happy about that! I am so over washing dishes! And I need to pick out something for dinner; I got my new Paula Deen magazine in the mail yesterday and I tell ya, everything in there looks delicious. Mmmmm...... I probably should steer clear of the Paula Deen fare, though, because I've put on 10 lbs since my first chemo treatment! I have no idea how, with all the running I've done. I mean, I know my eating habits have been less-than-stellar since then, but I didn't think it had been 10 lbs worth! My friend, Michelle, suggested that maybe it's because of the steroids. Ugh. Who knows. I guess I am enjoying some extra "comfort" from my comfort food! Maybe I should start watching my nutrition a little more closely! ;-)

Have a great start to your weekend, everybody!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Sister Cooks

My house is quiet. Too quiet! While I still have one set of little feet (Katie's) going about her business around the house, I am missing the pitter-patter of little Ethan feet running after her, trying to keep up, doing WHATEVER she's doing, and wanting to play with whatever toy she has at the moment. And while Layne and I may not talk about earth-shattering topics, we have some pretty good conversations...those of you with sisters know what I'm talking about! :-) The only thing that would have made the past 3 days better is if our other sister (and Layne's twin), Jessica, could have been here too. The 3 of us are like peas in a pod. Hopefully I will get to see Jessica this weekend, and there is a chance that Layne and Ethan will come back next week while my brother-in-law is out of town, so I hope they do!!

On top of the quality time we had together, she also cooks! She made us the best meatloaf last night for dinner. Seriously, I have now changed my go-to meatloaf recipe! And it's full of veggies, too, which as a health conscious mom is a great addition. She got the recipe from an episode of "Good Morning America" featuring Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Here's the recipe:

Kate's Meatloaf (makes 2 loaves)
2 pounds organic ground beef
2-3 eggs
Finely chopped celery, onion, green pepper, carrots- about 3/4-1 cup of each.
1½-2 cups of breadcrumbs- Italian seasoned if on hand. Otherwise, plain works too. May need more breadcrumbs depending on the consistency of the meatloaf.
3/4 cup shredded or grated Parmesan cheese (whichever's on hand)
¼ to ½ cup ketchup.
2 teaspoons of Italian seasoning
1 teaspoon of garlic salt
Mix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and divide equally into two separate meat loaves. Add a squirt of ketchup to the top of each in a zig-zaggy design. Cover with foil and bake in either a meatloaf pan or a glass bread baking dish at 350 degrees for about an hour (depending on oven) or until bubbly and center is no longer pink.
During the last 15 minutes or so, remove foil covering and finish baking uncovered.

Anyway, it was delicious! The whole family loved it. Even Katie ate it, and she is always uncertain about trying new things. The week after chemo is tricky for me, too. I may be hungry, but sometimes nothing sounds good...I will just eat because I have to. But last night it smelled so good in my kitchen while this was cooking that I was actually hungry for it! Yay!

I got up this morning and enjoyed a 6 mile run of hills...treadmill hills, that is. I continue to be so thankful for the strength to be able to run. So now Katie and I are getting ready to go into town, run some errands and pick up the boys from school. It's just another day in the neighborhood! Hope ya'll are enjoying your Thursday...yay it almost Friday!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Delay

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple days...but it's been a happy delay! I have been spending time my one of my sisters and her precious little one, Ethan! She brought dinner over here on Sunday night and when I asked her when she was leaving, she said tomorrow (Monday). Needless to say, the tears came and she is still here...YAY! She said that she would stay as long as I wanted her to; I told her to be careful what she says! I could totally keep her here forever! I LOVE having her here. She is fantastic company and we just have the best time. Ya know, there is nothing like sister-time. And cousin-time, for the kids!

I am feeling better and better each day. I've been running every day, which has taken away my bone pain completely...Praise God! I have also been doing some yoga, which I am really liking. It is gentle, and easy...not easy like simple, just easy like stretching and soothing. So I am going to get off here for now and Layne and I are going to go get the boys from school. Maybe I'll get caught up on all my blog-reading soon! Later!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yay for Yoga

I think I have found a new addition to my I have been reading so much on some of my fave blogs about so while not quite feeling up to going for a run the last two days, I thought I'd try it out. I did the free 20-minute Yoga for Runners yesterday and today and I LOVE IT! I've never done any yoga really, to speak of. I feel amazing. Warm, stretched, and better. I will definitely be doing it again. I highly recommend it!

Well I am off for sisters are here this weekend and they are coming over so we can have some much needed "sister time" today. I think it's just what the doctor ordered. I wish they could just move in! Have a great Sunday all.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fantastic Four

Here I am in STL at Siteman Cancer Center, having my FOURTH chemo treatment! Wahoo! I was praying for good echo results and good blood work results last night and coming into today. And prayers were answered! Praise God! My dr said my echo actually looked a little better than last time (of course, God!) and my blood work looked perfect. So the go ahead for my fourth treatment was on! I continue to be so thankful for your prayers and support during all this. And so touched. Alone, I could not do this, but God has given me this amazing strength that passes all understanding. HE is guiding me. HE is taking care of me. And HE is walking before me throughout all things. I can't tell you now much strength I draw from Him.

Thank you, O Gracious Father, for loving me and taking care of me. I give you all the praise, honor, and glory for your mighty works that you are doing in me. Praise you, Lord! In Jesus' Precious Holy name I pray. Amen.

I am doing a new 2009 Scripture Challenge with Beth Moore. The goal is to memorize 2 different verses from Scripture twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th. You can choose any verse you like, but I copied off Beth and her verse. It is:

"He is your constant source of stability; He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom; He gives all this to all those who fear Him." Isaiah 33:6

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

2009 is officially here! I bet not too many people rang in the new year like us! Haha! We spent it here at the hospital with very dear friends. I am so glad we came. There is a special bond between those who are going through the same experiences. We could hear the booms and see the glows from the fireworks going off underneath the arch from her hospital room. And we vowed that next year we would be spending new year's eve in a much more enjoyable place...preferably somewhere warm and sunny! ;-) But for last night, I wouldn't have rather been anywhere else. Enjoy the beginning of your new year!

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

Survivor Spotlight Saturday

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