Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disjointed Day

Anybody else ever have one of those days when everything and nothing sounds good at the same time?? I was so tummy-hungry for lunch, but nothing sounded good at all. It is getting super cold and windy here today so I thought a grilled cheese and soup would be good. I heated up a can of Amy's Lentil Vegetable and made my grilled cheese. I knew something was going to be off when I caught a whiff of the soup as I got it out of the micro and it almost made me gag! And I like lentil soup! But I couldn't eat it. At all. Like, had to get rid of it. So I had my grilled cheese, an apple, and some cheese and crackers. Then a square of dark chocolate. ;-) I hate it when I get like this. Now I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to have for dinner and here I am stuck.

My run this morning was frustrating, too. I was a little over a mile into my run and the power flickers...I'm assuming the wind? It is extremely windy here today. Anyway, the "flicker" was enough to of course shut off everything, the treadmill and computer being the two most important at the moment! So I stomped to the computer to turn my xm back on and hopped back on the treadmill. I got another 1/2 mile in, and it WENT OFF AGAIN! It happened a total of 3 times this morning!! I'm glad I make a point of checking the distance often, so I know pretty much know how far I've gone. But I was so mad by the time I was done! lol So I had a "lovely," disjointed, approximately 5 mile hill run this morning. Ugh.

I had to put a call into my dr this morning. One of my toenails is sore at the bottom rim of it, and getting kinda red and puffy. Now, as a runner, I am familiar with blisters, callouses, black toenails, and all the other lovely foot issues that runners can face. But one of my chemo meds can also cause some nail changes (neuropathy) so Michelle wanted me to call my dr and ask them if we should treat is as an infection (oral antibiotics) or just chalk it up to running+neuropathy. The answer was to treat it as an infection since it is getting red and slightly swollen. Yay. So far I have had a course of antibiotics in between each treatment. I'm telling ya, there is nothing surviving in my body that is not supposed to be there! LOL

OK, I'm going to take my disjointed day and just go on with it. Katie and I are going to pick up the boys at school in a few minutes and run our errands. Hopefully something will come to me as far as dinner goes so I don't wander aimlessly around the store! Maybe I can get a nap in as's hoping!


Healthnutcutie said...

I get like that sometimes too. I go through phases of foods I love and then I can't eat them for months...I have done this with hummus lately. I had grilled cheese for lunch too...ummm. I can't wait to be able to run again, I am still in recovery mode though. ahh, I get my exercise vicariously through your 5 miles a day :-)

Mrs. LC said...

I have days like that, I think most everyone does. Hope you found something for dinner that perked your interest! Oh, and I would've been soooo frustrated over the treadmill stopping multiple times!!

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