Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cranky About Yoga Pants

I’m sitting here on Sunday morning in kind of a funk. 

Honestly?  At the moment I’m cranky about:

  • my fuzzy hair- Katie helped me wash it right before bed so I slept on it wet (ugh) and I can’t straighten it myself so I am pouting about it.  Because I can.


  • my black yoga pants- I am so so so tired of wearing them  But they are the only pants that won’t rub or put weird pressure on my fat-grafting sites…other than my running capris, which just makes me sad to put on.  Which brings me to,


  • not running- need I say more?  C’mon, y’all know me well enough by now to know that any long lapse in workouts for me (especially running) is not a good thing.  In fact, when someone asked us yesterday how we were doing and if we needed anything, my hubs said, “I need her to run.”  Um, yeah, me too. 


  • total schedule interruption- I should be leaving for church right now, but with fuzzy hair, stylish black yoga pants, and a sore left side because I slept on it wrong, I’m sitting here pouting.  Yep, the devil’s doing his darndest.  I should probably walk to church.


  • depending on others for almost everything- I am SUCH an independent person.  So having my amazing Momma have to come strip my bed and wash clothes for me, and my wonderful sister come and straighten my hair, is humbling.  I am used to being the one who is helping take care of everybody else, so to have to ask my kids to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer is so out of my comfort zone.  I run MARATHONS, but I can’t clean my bathroom right now-which reallyyyyy needs it at the moment!


  • and this is the biggie- survivor sisters/friends who have been diagnosed with recurrences lately.  My heart breaks every time I get word that one of us has had a recurrence.  My stomach does a flip flop and my mind works overtime.  It’s a physical sick feeling.  But I MUST remember, that God is in control here.  He knew that these recurrences were going to happen, and He knows what is going to happen tomorrow, and ten years from now.  And you know what- He’s already there.  Nothing surprises Him.  No matter what, I can believe in His promises and rest in His love.  I choose to stand strong in His faithfulness.


I’m going to try to log on and watch this morning’s church service online, if that doesn’t work I’m going to get some #SheReadsTruth in my system.

Let’s find things to be thankful for today…first up- the sun is shining! Sun 


Have a blessed Sunday, friends!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In The Books

Well, another season of Bulldog Basketball is in the books in Van Buren.  Bulldog


The boys season ended with a second-round loss in District play on Monday night.  The boys’ finished the season with a 12-12 record.  The boys played through so many obstacles this year: injuries, sickness, lack of numbers.  We could not be prouder of our Coaches and our kids who battled all season long.

I honestly can’t believe that the season is over.  And my boys have another year crossed off their high school careers.  Senior night, and the last ballgame, is always so tough on the kids (and the parents), and Tyler came home after the loss Monday night and said, “I can’t believe I only have one more year left…” 

Whoa.  Yeah.  Me either. 

I truly have no words.

Well, other than I’M SO BEYOND PROUD OF MY BOYS.

2013-02-18 0012








Oh goodness, my heart can hardly handle the cuteness…Smile



And I’m also proud of my girl, who never missed one of her brothers’ ballgames, and who always cheers them on like no other!  She is SO PROUD of them!  (And Jordan, who cheers on her brother, Shaun, as well.)



I mean, seriously??  How are our kids so big already?


Ok, I am on sentimental overload.  No worries, though, I’ll be back with Bulldog BASEBALL pictures before you know it.  Practice for the spring season starts Monday. Winking smile


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well here I am!  Only 16 1/2 weeks after my bilateral mastectomy, I am now reconstructed!  Gosh that sounds so weird.

After my last fill on January 28, we set my surgery day for Friday, February 15.  My expanders were full at 400cc each, and I was ready ASAP!

We went to the city on Thursday and went looking for my billboards that had been put up last week by Siteman.  Yes, I said BILLBOARDS!  Check this out-


A better look-


WOW!   I was so excited to see them, and so proud to promote Siteman Cancer Center’s new South County facility.  I even got to stop and see my very favorite chemo nurse ever, Renee, and she gave us the grand tour.  That place is amazing, I’m tellin’ ya.  Everything is state of the art and beautiful.

2013-02-18 001

So after a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner with my parents at Ruth’s Chris on Thursday evening, we headed to Barnes West County Hospital for my exchange surgery on Friday morning.

2013-02-18 0011


Surgery consisted of removing the tissue expanders and replacing them with my new silicone implants.  Also, I had some fat grafting to fill in some hollow areas on my chest from the mastectomy and place fat around the upper part of the implants.  The fat came from here (on both legs)-


And went here (edited as best I could)- IMG_8131

And yes, I still have some of Marissa’s markings all over my chest even after a shower!  What lovely artwork she does! Winking smile



Haha, yeah, I’m not sure if that “After” shot should be classified as “awesome,” but I know the pain meds helped! 

After waking up and slowly getting dressed, we were able to head home.  I slept the whole way, of course, and was very happy to crawl into my own lounge chair in my bedroom. 

I am super sore, especially on the left side, where Dr. Marissa had to do some pocket work and if I move or twist just wrong the pain can bring me to my knees.  Luckily, it has eased some and I have also been very careful NOT to move “that way.” 

And can I just take a moment to tell you again how awesome Marissa is?!  She is truly superwoman- a wife, momma, marathoner, and amazingly gifted plastic surgeon.  And to top it all off, she was sick with the flu all last week, and while the actual flu had passed, I know she felt like she had been hit by a truck.  But there she was, bright and early Friday morning…warrior, I tell ya.  And more appreciated by this patient that she will ever know. 

Want to see some more awesome??


Oh goodness.  I am a hot mess.  Yes, it is time to get my hair washed and fixed!  My friend and hair guru, Lacey, to the rescue.

I’m going to go and chill some more.  I’m not very good at it, but I’m trying. Winking smile

Love y’all.



Monday, February 4, 2013

A Sickly Birthday

Well I guess sometimes no matter how much green (or red) juice you drink,

2012-11-08 0011

Or how many fun things you have planned to do,


Or how much your want to enjoy your birthday weekend,

2013-02-04 001

You can still get sick. Sad smile 

Sorry, but no picture of me feeling like less than poo, but I looked pretty much like this -----> Sick smile <------ all weekend.  Happy 35th Birthday to me!   My throat felt like a cross between razor blades and burning fire, my sinuses and nose burned and felt like they may explode, and my cough was producing, um, stuff…tmi, I’m know.

I am starting to feel a little bit better today…praise Jesus.  I still feel like sludge, but maybe a little more awake sludge…which could also be attributed to Monday morning coffee as we overslept our alarm and were in a rush to get the kids off to school.  It’s an extra-caffeinated day for sure.

Regardless, I am sitting here thankful for my birthday…heck, every DAY is precious.     



So whether it’s your birthday or not, enjoy today!


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