Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Playing Serious Catch Up

I’m sitting here looking at the Enter a post title prompt, and I have absolutely no idea.  Ha!

If I were to back up and try to recap all that has gone on since I did a proper blog post, I’d be here for days.  And like they say nowadays,

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We have an an amazing, and very busy, summer.  We spent the first half chasing the boys from basketball court to basketball court as they played summer AAU and had shootouts with their HS team.  For about 6 weeks there it was NUTS.  But the best kind, of course. Winking smile  We backed that up with a month of summer league wood bat baseball, but it was only once a week so it felt like a vacation!

Speaking of vacation…we actually managed to find a free three days to take a short but VERY sweet family vacay.  I miss the days when we would just throw the kids in the car and take off for a few days or a week, just on a whim.  Now everybody has so much going on it’s hard to find the time.  But we drove to Orange Beach and crammed more into our precious three days than I ever thought we could.  Making memories and crossing things off my bucket list…it was awesome.



Other important milestones that I can’t go without mentioning, include-

Zach’s 16th BIRTHDAY, 2013-08-12 001

Are you even kidding me?!  This sweet baby was just born, like, YESTERDAY!  See?!  I am in such denial about my babies getting so grown up.



and on that note-TYLER’S SENIOR PICTURES,

2013-07-26 001

Again, I just can’t believe this is happening already.  I put off even talking about senior pictures all summer until it finally couldn’t be avoided…we had to get pics started so they could have one for the yearbook.  We are so blessed that my friend, Veronica, is an amazing photographer and made the whole process as painless as possible.  She takes amazing pictures, and we aren’t done yet!  Sports pictures will come as soon as he gets his uniforms this fall. 


2013-07-26 0011

I could go on and on and on about all the things that have filled this summer.  I am looking through pictures, going “Oh! I want to show that one!  And that one!  I HAVE to show that one!”  But really, I must stop. 

So in our summer of 2013 that has been filled with sports, stitches, swimming, sister time, cousin time, fireworks, Vacation Bible School, survivor sisters and survivor WINS(!), running, walking, doctors, BBQing, new dogs, and MORE…THIS has been my favorite part of it all- 


My beautiful family Red heartIn love



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