Well here I am!  Only 16 1/2 weeks after my bilateral mastectomy, I am now reconstructed!  Gosh that sounds so weird.

After my last fill on January 28, we set my surgery day for Friday, February 15.  My expanders were full at 400cc each, and I was ready ASAP!

We went to the city on Thursday and went looking for my billboards that had been put up last week by Siteman.  Yes, I said BILLBOARDS!  Check this out-


A better look-


WOW!   I was so excited to see them, and so proud to promote Siteman Cancer Center’s new South County facility.  I even got to stop and see my very favorite chemo nurse ever, Renee, and she gave us the grand tour.  That place is amazing, I’m tellin’ ya.  Everything is state of the art and beautiful.

2013-02-18 001

So after a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner with my parents at Ruth’s Chris on Thursday evening, we headed to Barnes West County Hospital for my exchange surgery on Friday morning.

2013-02-18 0011


Surgery consisted of removing the tissue expanders and replacing them with my new silicone implants.  Also, I had some fat grafting to fill in some hollow areas on my chest from the mastectomy and place fat around the upper part of the implants.  The fat came from here (on both legs)-


And went here (edited as best I could)- IMG_8131

And yes, I still have some of Marissa’s markings all over my chest even after a shower!  What lovely artwork she does! Winking smile



Haha, yeah, I’m not sure if that “After” shot should be classified as “awesome,” but I know the pain meds helped! 

After waking up and slowly getting dressed, we were able to head home.  I slept the whole way, of course, and was very happy to crawl into my own lounge chair in my bedroom. 

I am super sore, especially on the left side, where Dr. Marissa had to do some pocket work and if I move or twist just wrong the pain can bring me to my knees.  Luckily, it has eased some and I have also been very careful NOT to move “that way.” 

And can I just take a moment to tell you again how awesome Marissa is?!  She is truly superwoman- a wife, momma, marathoner, and amazingly gifted plastic surgeon.  And to top it all off, she was sick with the flu all last week, and while the actual flu had passed, I know she felt like she had been hit by a truck.  But there she was, bright and early Friday morning…warrior, I tell ya.  And more appreciated by this patient that she will ever know. 

Want to see some more awesome??


Oh goodness.  I am a hot mess.  Yes, it is time to get my hair washed and fixed!  My friend and hair guru, Lacey, to the rescue.

I’m going to go and chill some more.  I’m not very good at it, but I’m trying. Winking smile

Love y’all.




Summar Breeze said…
Hello Erica! I hope you are recovering well from your surgery! I am pleased to be connected to your blog now, finally :) I have always been so inspired how you were out and about running so quickly after your mastectomy, and I am not quite there yet, but hope to get there at some point as I miss it so much. PS: Wanted to let you know my bestest childhood friend lives in Columbia, IL ... I think that is near you! Take care! Looking forward to your future posts.

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