Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out 'N About

Today, in chemo terms, is Day 14. My dr said to be especially careful germ-wise between days 7-14, when my blood counts are at their lowest; He said I am most susceptible to catching a bug during this time. So today I busted out! Granted it wasn't a fun trip, or very long, but it was OUT! Out of the house, and out of town! Tyler had an orthodontist appointment this morning at 9 in PB (45 minutes away) so we dropped off Zachary at school and headed out. We dropped Tyler off at the ortho and went to Walmart where, my hubby so kindly took Katie to the toy section and kept her busy so I could get in the most peaceful household/grocery shopping trip of my life! I was shopping so slow, too! Making the most of every uninterrupted minute!! You moms know how it is, you can't go down ANY aisle without the kids finding something they need, and probably can't live without. And it is only halfway into the venture that they 1)Have a desperate urge to leave the store, NOW, or 2)Have a desperate urge to go to the bathroom, again, NOW! And the rest of the trip is spent flying down aisles trying to hurry and get the necessities before someone has a meltdown...sometimes me! So this morning I just leisurely wandered through the aisles, slowly and peacefully. It was wonderful! And when I was finished, and Tyler was ready to be picked up, I was (surprisingly) ready to head for home! I didn't care that we didn't eat lunch, or stop at any other store, I was so happy to have been out.

We left first thing this morning so I didn't get my run in until we got home. I did four easy miles with 6 (1 minute ea.) - 5% hills. Didn't push myself, or my toe; but it was good. So now I am just doing some blog reading and relaxing until it is time to go get Zachary from school. Now that I have a full refrigerator and pantry and have ample ideas for supper, I can't decide which to make! Haha! Decisions, decisions..... :-D


Sarah said...

Glad you had an awesome shopping trip! Thanks as always for your comments on my blog...I may only have a few readers, but you are the best ones! :)

Mrs. LC said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing day! That post just put things into perspective for me so much. I honestly never gave a second thought to peaceful, interruption-free grocery trips. I shall forever give thanks each grocery shopping trip I make until I have kids. :)

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

Day 14! Nice to be out in the world, isn't it? I can only imagine how that is. Good to hear you had a good shopping trip