Friday, January 23, 2009

Another One Down!

Yep, I'm a whole hand! (That's what Katie said on her 5th birthday in Nov.) LOL

I am currently at Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis receiving my 5th chemotherapy treatment as I type. Thank you all for your prayers, our trip here was safe and on time and my blood work was perfect! I have slept quite a bit this time around, probably because I was awake at 1am and could NOT go back to sleep! Thanks, Jenna...I think I'm catching your insomnia! ;-) No really, I was afraid that I was going to oversleep because we had to leave at 5.

After treatment, I need to make a quick Target run on our way out of the city and we may get something to eat, I'm not sure. Then it's home sweet home and back to my babies! I can almost say that I only have 1 more!


VeggieGirl said...

HELL YES!!!!!!!! :-D

Mrs. LC said...

YAY for another successful treatment!! (And not nearly as major, but yay for Target too lol). :)

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