Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Take A Little Time To Enjoy The View!

I've had a very busy "start" to the week already this morning! I got up at 6am to take Tyler to basketball practice, came back and was running on my treadmill by 630. I was right...it had missed me! And apparently I had missed it, too! I set out to do an iTREAD workout that I have downloaded on my iPod (if you haven't tried these, you should 'cause they are awesome...quite the boredom buster) and I usually do about 7 miles during the 60 minute one. I love the iTREAD workouts because, as I have told you, I am a treadmill runner mainly and sometimes it's nice to not have to think about what "different" thing I can do next...the 60 min. one has hills, flats, sprints, and intervals. Very cool. Anyway, I finished that then took Zachary to school at 8 and came home and did 2.7 more miles! And I felt like I could run forever! I don't know if it's because I've been running in the heat and humidity for 3 days, or the fact that it's just easier on my joints or what, but I enjoyed my run this morning so much.

Breakfast consisted of a familiar favorite of mine...mixed berries with a ff vanilla yogurt and my oatmeal and egg white pancake. It's hard to go wrong with this breakfast because it fills me up forever. It seems to take a long time before I am hungry again...so this is good.

I ate my breakfast while I watched the season premiere of "The View" this morning! I LOVE "The View" and if I can't watch it, I will DVR-it so I can watch it later...at least the "Hot Topics!" In fact, this morning I had to pause it while I took loads of clean laundry up the the boys' rooms which turned into a massive bathroom and bedroom cleaning in both rooms. I was so disgusted! I was throwing piles of dirty clothes down the chute and mumbling under my breath the whole time something about how they are going to be grounded for the rest of their lives. Good thing they were at school! Actually, if they hadn't been at school, they would have taken their own clean laundry up to their rooms and Mom wouldn't ever have seen that apparently Hurricane Gustav had made a direct hit on their rooms over the last week. Ugh. So I have calmed down now and I don't think I will ground them for the rest of their lives, but maybe from the Wii this afternoon! Maybe I should let them sit in their sparkling clean rooms and think about it for awhile...naw, they'd probably just mess them up again. We'll see. It almost seems appropriate that after I was all fired-up about the condition of my boys' rooms that I went back downstairs to watch the rest of "The View." (It had been paused for 45 minutes! Told you the rooms were a disaster.) Those women can certainly get fired up! I don't know whether to cringe or watch while holding my breath when they start talking about politics. I love them all and their opinions are so diverse; sometimes it makes me think twice about an issue. But if I had to pick one I probably identify most with Elisabeth. It was when she was on "Survivor" when I first knew that I liked her! In fact we got the spelling of Katie's middle name from her...she is actually named after my sister, Layne, but Layne's middle name is spelled Elizabeth and I just liked it with an "s" better. But Elisabeth is a young, conservative, Christian, Republican with young kids, and enjoys fitness and fashion. Growing up in the Midwest, I share many of her morals and ideals, and I identify with her most often.

Well I am going to try to enjoy some computer time this morning, catch up my blog reading, maybe look for a yummy dinner idea! Here's hoping everyone takes a little time to enjoy their view!

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VeggieGirl said...

Busy day you've had!!

Haha, I too recorded "The View" (since I was in class when it aired), and am watching it now :0)

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