Monday, September 1, 2008

Stock Photos?

I AM HOME! We had a wonderful weekend at the cabin. We layed in the sun, swam, took boat rides, and had lots of BBQ! It was a great holiday weekend, but I am glad to be home! There's something about being gone, even if for just a couple of days, that makes you appreciate home even more.
I decided not to post breakfast and lunch today because I was afraid you would all be wondering if I was using stock photos! Literally the same thing for breakfast this morning, oatmeal, ff yogurt, and strawberries, and lunch looked eerily familiar to the wrap and fruit and yogurt that I had TWICE last week! So I decided I'd rather not bore you! I'll try to do better this week...I promise!
I had the best runs that I have had in awhile this weekend. I got up and ran every morning, 4, 6.3, and 6 miles. This is outside, gravel road, Ozark hills, Missouri humidity runs. It felt great! I just pumped up my iPod and took off. The music drowned out the ideas of any critters, large or small, that may hamper my run and I only met one car on Sunday and another car this morning (and it was just our river-neighbor). I can definitely tell a difference between outside and treadmill running, though. My calves were barking this morning when I got up, but I took some Motrin and went back out. I knew this would be the last morning for awhile I would get this chance! And my treadmill actually looks good to me today! I even thought about hopping on while ago to go for a mile or two...but I'm not. I'm going to give my legs a break. But I know it missed me! lol

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