Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Ugh. That pretty much describes the weather here. We are suffering from the effects of Hurricane Gustav, sitting and spinning right over us. So it has rained here for 2 days straight and I'm ready for it to pass!

I got up at 545am and ran 7 miles in an hour. I did a Nike Speed Training interval workout that I downloaded from iTunes a year or so ago. It has sprints ranging from 1 minute to 4 minutes, then afterwards I just kept cruising at a good pace while I listened to Gayle King on xm. I hadn't intended on going quite that far, but I just kept going!

I was very interested in hearing what Gayle was going to talk about today, in particular about R-VP candidate Sarah Palin. I was upset about some things she said on yesterday's show and was curious if she had anything else to add. She didn't. On yesterday's show, Gayle was talking about the news that Gov. Palin's 17-year old daughter was pregnant. Gayle made the comment that if had been her daughter, who's now 22, she would have encouraged her to get an abortion. Then she said, referring to the statement made by the Palin family that they were "excited about being grandparents," that they were lying and there was no way they could feel that way. That they couldn't possibly be excited that their 17-year old daughter was going to have a baby. Well I am drawing from personal experience here, from the daughter's position: I was that 17-year old, pregnant and in love. And no, my parents were not thrilled or even the least bit happy when I got pregnant with Tyler, but they quickly moved forward and began to embrace the idea of being grandparents because like it or not, that was what they were going to be. So I think Gayle's statements regarding the Palin family were a little harsh and unnecessary. And as my mom said this morning, "We embraced the pregnancy because that love and support was what you needed at the time." What great parents!

*Steps off of soapbox*

Breakfast was a familiar Oatmeal and Egg White Pancake, mixed fruit and a vanilla yogurt. Yum-O!


VeggieGirl said...

Despite the rain, it sounds like you had a great run - hooray!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday! :0)

Sarah said...

I am very surprised that Gail said that, but I guess I shouldn't be? Honestly I really don't know that much about her. You had some awesome parents for sure, what a great story. :)

You impress me with your running! I did a mini-marathon earlier this year but I've gotten so out of (running) shape that now I can only make it 15 minutes before I take a walk break! You go girl!

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