Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hotel Fitness

We went birthday shopping for Tyler last night and had the night to ourselves (lovely!), I only wished it could have lasted a little longer. We drove to Springfield last night (2 1/2 hrs.) and my hubby dropped me off at the mall (yay!) and he went to Bass Pro (99.9% of the men are big hunters and fishers here) to pick out Tyler some stuff for his birthday. Once that was accomplished it was already 830 and we were STARVING! My Kashi Honey Almond Flax Granola Bar was wearing off. We went to Red Lobster (double yay!) and I had the grilled shrimp w/ rice and steamed broccoli...and like, 3 1/2 biscuits!! Oh boy. I love their biscuits and when the waiter sat the basket down in front of poor, starving me, I just melted. I hope I didn't actually wolf down the biscuits as fast I think, because I probably looked rather crazy! And what do they have in Springfield, closest one to us I have to say...wait for it.....COLD STONE! We (well not really, just me and the kids!) love Cold Stone. Like I said it's the closest one to us and we get to eat there about once every two months or so. So even though I was full, I had to go! Even without kids, you just can't stop me! teehee I did have the sinless sweet cream in the like-it size, but it kinda loses it's pure-ness when you put a brownie, nuts, and fudge in it! My hubby was like, "What's the point??" It was a funny moment! We had several funny was a nice trip. Sometimes you get so busy with work, kids, schedules, and school, that it's easy to forget how nice it is just to be together...alone. Well last night I remembered and it was lovely.

We had to leave at the butt-crack of dawn this morning to get back to put this party together so no trip to the health food store, although I found one right in the same strip as Cold Stone, ironically. I couldn't look at it last night...felt.a.little.guilty! They closed at 7pm and didn't open until 8am, and we left around 715am so, shoot. Oh well. At least I found it. I'll go next time for sure. And we will be in a different city on Tuesday for my dr. appt. so maybe I'll google for some there! Idea! And something to look forward to!

Don't ya just love a hotel fitness room?? My answer is: sometimes. I have stayed in some of the nicest hotels and been utterly disgusted at what they call a fitness center, and I have stayed in some that are AMAZING...where I just want to go to workout! Bet you can tell which category this one fell into! Granted it wasn't a 4-star hotel either, but still. So up early and out meant another early workout for me. I really could have slept this morning, but after the ice cream last night, uh no. So I drug my butt out of bed at 515am and went to the fabulous "Hotel Fitness Center." I was more than a little disappointed, but hopped on the treadmill first. When I started to run I thought one of two things is about to happen: 1) This rattle-trap is going to fall apart, or 2) It's going to fall through the floor onto unsuspecting guests below. Boy I sure hope there was no rooms below was on the second floor! So I just walked and took the incline from 1-15%, one each minute, then back down. 2 miles was enough. That brought my weekly mileage total to 45. Cool. Then I did 15 minutes on the stepper-thing there and then hopped on the bike to ride for 15, but the pedals were falling off. I gave up on the machines, did 100 squats, stretched for awhile and called it good.

I had another Kashi Honey Almond and Flax Granola Bar when we got in the car, and made myself a fruit and yogurt parfait when we got home. Now it's on to straighten up the house and get things together for our 13-year old's BIG BASH! Uh-oh, a party guest just called to check on the time.......AND IT WAS A GIRL! Geez, I'm not ready for this! lol

...whispers...he still has no idea!!...

So I may be back on here later today, not really sure how it's gonna go this afternoon. But I'll definitely post some party pics tomorrow.


VeggieGirl said...

Just 3 machines?? Better get to the gym first, so that you can choose before anyone else, haha ;0)

Sammie said...

I have yet to stay at a hotel with a fitness room that is less than sub-par. I always end up running outside or driving to a gym that is in the area. Maybe some day I can stay some place classy and it will have a spectacular facility :) A trip for just mommy - maybe!!!
I am glad you & your guy had a nice time alone - we do not do that enough either. Enjoy the BASH!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

By the way - you and I have a lot in common, that is why I really enjoy reading your blog - thanks!!

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