Will You Vote For Me?

Finally Friday!  I am so glad the weekend is almost here.  Although we still have plans and things going on on the weekends, it is still a break from the daily schedules of work, school, sports.

This morning I enjoyed a nice 7-mile run, bringing my weekly mileage total to 40.  It was warmer and more humid today than it has been the previous days, it was 60 when I started.  I regretted wearing my UnderArmour cold gear pullover within about five minutes.  I did ok though, just sweated a little extra…I could actually SMELL myself by the time I was finished.  Now that’s bad.  I cannot believe I just admitted that.  I was rank. Sick smile Blech.



It was not a pretty morning either.  It was completely cloudy with just a little bit of wind.  I guess this warmer, more humid air is a precursor to quite a bit of rain and stormy weather that is heading our way tonight and tomorrow.  Living in tornado alley, I am not a fan of spring storms.  I am always on alert when they start talking about severe weather.

Now totally shifting topics, here, but I need your help.


I have entered a contest to be chosen as the honorary Bat Girl at the St. Louis Cardinals [our TEAM!!!] game on Mother’s Day!!  Major League Baseball games across the country will bring breast cancer awareness by using pink bats, sporting the pink ribbon, and spotlighting breast cancer.  Yay PINK!!  Can you even imagine…PINK and Cardinal RED all wrapped up into one?!  Yes, I’m excited for the chance to be chosen!2011-03-04_1247mlb

So, this is where you come inWinking smile  I need you to VOTE FOR ME!  Voting will take place until April 14 and you can vote as many times as you want…I mean, if you wanted to log on and vote for me for 30 minutes a day, you totally could!  Heehee!  But in all seriousness, I would appreciate each and every vote you could cast.  It would be a total DREAM for me to be the Bat Girl for my Cardinals!

SO…that’s about all for today.  Go hug someone just because it’s Friday and vote for me!

Love ya!



Natalie said…
just voted! Go Cardinals! And Go Pink!! :)

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