When All The Stars Align

Have you ever had one of those times when it seems like everything just went perfect?

A time when it seemed like all the stars were aligned just for you?

Well I had one of those kinds of runs this morning.  Everything was perfect, yes.

It was a cool, crisp winter-blending-into-spring morning…Sun





I had a half a cup of coffee in me Coffee cup– and as a side note, I have not had caffeine since September, when I gave it up and oh my goodness, it was amazing…I felt fantastic! – and my legs were feeling fresh from a couple of days off.



I had a new audiobook to listen to, and it rocked my socks off.  God bless Dean Karnazes.  This book is amazing.  So amazing, in fact, that I may listen to it again during the St. Louis Marathon in two weeks.  And yes, I called today and redid my registration AGAIN, back to the FULL MARATHON. Open-mouthed smile



I had my energy chews packed (these Stingers were new for me and I LOVED them!) and I had a great plan worked out so that I could lap back around my car a few times so I could grab water and Gatorade.



And this was the result:



OH YEAH!!!!!!  21 MILES, BABY!!  I was uber-pumped and could not believe my time and my splits when I plugged up my Garmin.


A time of 3:06:22 and an average pace of 8:52/mi is so far beyond anything I ever thought I could do.  And to think that when I started running, I could barely do 1/4 mi…I am on the most amazing runner’s high right now.  My long runs for marathon training are complete.  It is officially taper time. Thumbs up 

I came home and promptly and sat in an ice bath to speed recovery and reduce inflammation.  It was brutal, for the first five minutes…then my legs and feet went numb. Winking smile I sat there huddled still in my UA Cold Gear and clutching my hot cup of tea, praying for the timer on my iPhone to buzz to that I could jump into my hot shower. 


Brutal.  And yes, that is ICE floating in my tub.



So now it is later into the evening and I am still feeling amazing!  I am just now getting around to blogging because we have spent the evening at the boys’ baseball games.  Tyler and the HS team (now 3-0) won their game 5-4 in an extra innings come-from-behind win, and Zachary’s Jr. High team lost their first game of the season. 

I hope you have had as great of a Monday as I have.  Do something you never thought you would do tomorrow. Winking smile  Be blessed, friends.

Love you!



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