Monday, March 21, 2011

A Warm 15 [and a half]

What a weekend!

Oh, and Happy Monday, friends!

Our weekend was full of all kinds of good stuff such as hanging out with friends, Dusty and Maggie.  We always have such a good time with you guys…love y’all! 

We also had Upward on Saturday where my girls displayed their sign that we made at our last practice!  They are so talented, aren’t they?  They have learned so much since their first game, it is hard to believe that this coming Saturday is the last one for the season. Sad smile



Amidst the crazy weekend, I also had plans for a long run.  Yeah right.  I figured out before long that it just was not going to happen yesterday.  After church both boys had to be at baseball practices at different times, and the hubby was working so I delayed my run until today so I could be head chauffer and such.  It actually worked out for the better…and I am not a big fan of afternoon long runs anyway, I never seem to do as well.

So this morning it was on.  I was a little disconcerted when I was watching the local weather at 530am to see that it was already close to 60 degrees, and the high for the day was 80!  Whoa!  Regardless, it was a beautiful, sunshiny forecast so I was excited.


The plan: Run as close to 20 miles as I could get without dying (always important).

It felt GREAT as I started out!  I was checking off the early miles and feeling great!  But once the sun was fully overhead and it started to warm up outside, I slowed down and was sweating buckets.  I had mixed a Vega packet in my water before I left and I was wishing around mile 10 that it wasn’t 2 miles away in my car.  But I kept pushing and made it, here are the splits, you can really tell when I started to need that water!


So it was not quite the distance I had wanted, nor the time, but sometimes you just have to do what you can do!  And I am pretty pumped about 15.5 WARM miles!


I love this BondiBand!  I wear it when I’m feeling especially spunky Winking smile  heehee



I see buds starting to pop out on the trees, it is sure looking like Spring around here!  I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! Sun

Alright, guys, many many more things to do today so I’m outta here!


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