Thursday, March 24, 2011

Running “With” Jillian

What a difference a day makes.

All week it has been beyond gorgeous weather here, and just as they forecasted, today the temps are in the low 40s and completely overcast sky.  Crazy Midwest weather.


BUT the cooler temps did amazing things for my run this morning:


Hello negative split!  I am willing to bet that this is my fastest 10-mile time ev-errrr.  And an 8:22 pace?  Who am I??  It felt great this morning, steady and solid.  And my pace graph shows it:


Other than my two almost stops, the first one was when I was turning around at the top of a hill and the second when the hubby called me, I maintained an even pace today.  And I felt great.

I downloaded some Jillian Michaels free podcasts on iTunes the other day so that is what I have been listening to.  I really liked it…not for every run of course, but just as a change-it-up thing from the music.  Something different.  I like it.

I am catching up on laundry today, then Bulldog baseball this afternoon!  And I am going to go see Tiff today, too!  She is recovering nicely from her surgery last week, but I am thinking she is going a little stir crazy since she was thinking about cleaning out closets yesterday.  Yikes!  Must intervene. Winking smile

Have a lovely Thursday, friends.


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