Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Posts Interrupted

We interrupt this week’s posting to bring you…


Whoa, Momma!  I thought for a teensy split second that my life was going to get a little less crazy post-basketball season, but I was off.  Way, way off. 

But it’s all good. Smile

High school baseball season has now officially begun with last night’s big win over Doniphan 7-5!!  We have not beaten Doniphan in baseball since 1993…way to go Bulldogs!  There is another game tomorrow and then both Jr. High AND HS have games on Friday night.  Thankfully for parents like us who have a son on each team, the games are at the same place.  Whew!



I have also continued to add on to my mileage this week, doing 8 yesterday and 7 today.







I am enjoying this lovely running weather, but I guess tomorrow some chilly air is going to return.2011-03-23_1652weather

Oh well, at least we are not in the northeast where they are getting dumped with snow yet again!  Sorry guys! 

Even though I did not post here yesterday, I DID manage to write some things and be productive.  I got my fundraising page set up for: 2011-03-23_1708komen


Yay!!!  The St. Louis Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure [ahem, the largest in the WORLD!!] is set for June 11 and my family is registered and we have hotel reservations and all!  Can you tell I am ready?!  So yesterday I set up my fundraising page which starts out like this:


I have set a personal goal to raise $2000 in honor of my 2nd year of being a SURVIVOR.       I am hoping to reach my goal and help other women diagnosed with breast cancer and to continue to fight for a cure!  If you are interested in donating, it is for an amazing cause and I would be so thankful for each and every dollar. Red heart

I am going to keep on truckin’ ahead with my to-do list.  Church tonight, mega-loads of laundry (ugh), baseball games, season finale of Upwards this weekend, and a trip to the Lou is in my future!

Later, y’all!


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