End Of One Season, Beginning of Another

Well, all good things come to an end…

…and so it has with this season’s Bulldog Basketball. Sad smile

It is always so sad when the season is over, especially for the Seniors.  That locker room after your final high school game is a killer.  Tyler even said last night when we got home, “It would be worth it to play all year-round to avoid ever having a last game.”  There were many tears and hugs all around, just another glimpse into the soft hearts of these young men.  Even the biggest 6’6” kids wept, along with the “tough guys,” already missing the camaraderie of the TEAM. 

Now we all know that life will move on for these boys; they are going to go on to bigger and better things and have many experiences in their lives.  They will move on to colleges and careers and families that will, no doubt, meet or exceed anything they have experienced in high school basketball.  But in that season-ending moment, when basketball has been your LIFE for 4+ years, those things are not seen clearly…and they are sad.  So understandable…been there, done that.

The end of this season has also shaken me to realize that this is the end of Tyler’s first year of high school basketball…whoa.  I found myself going,

“Oh my gosh, one-fourth of his high school career is OVER!”

And that makes me sad.  Great, now I’m already dreading HIS Senior season.  This all moves wayyyyy too fast for me.  I would be a very happy Momma if I could just freeze time RIGHT NOW.  Now I know what my parents were talking about when they told me, “Once they get into school, the years just fly by.”  I get it, and I am going to cherish every moment.

Ok, so off the sad stuff and on to the POSITIVES.  Because yes, they were some!  Tyler had a great freshman season.  They JV, who started the season not winning a game and struggling to score, ended up clicking as a team and evened up their record by the end.  They ended up winning 2nd place in the Black River League Tournament and improved BY LEAPS & BOUNDS.  I am so proud of them.  Good job, Boys!

My run this morning was a 7-miler.


It was a good ten degrees warmer outside, which was nice.



And it is another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Smile



And it was another good run.  2011-03-02_1207garmin

Thank you, Lord, for the sunshine and the desire and ability to run.Smile

With no team dinners or games to plan around today, I am almost at a loss as to what to do with my extra time.  Oh wait, I forgot, BASEBALL starts today. Winking smile  No rest around here!

Have a mah-velous, day!



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