Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

My thoughts right now:

  • My sister, Layne, is going to be here this weekend with her boys…YAY!
  • Maggie had her first post-op appointment this week and she has been declared CANCER-FREE!
  • We are starting a new business venture!  Property clearing has begun.
  • I have been wearing my hair curly this week.
  • The STL Marathon is one month from today.
  • I am making sausage and potatoes for dinner because it reminds me of my Nana.
  • My right hand has been almost numb the past two mornings after my run; I’m hoping it is not lymphedema-related.
  • Komen STL registration opens today!!!!!!!
  • I ran in complete silence again today, 8.5 miles, 1:14:12.  It was cold, but good.
  • I need to buy running gloves…or just gloves period.
  • My brain and my body feel like I’m 90 years old most of the time, and it’s killinggggg me.
  • It would be the coolest thing ever to be Bat Girl for the Cardinals on Mother’s Day.
  • Most of the time I wish I had had a bilateral mastectomy when I was diagnosed.
  • My boys went to youth group last night at church and watched the movie “To Save A Life.”  They loved it and are going to start a youth Bible study based on the movie.  Proud of them.
  • This spinach/kale smoothie is really cold.
  • I wish no one ever got breast cancer ever again.
  • My evening hot flashes have been picking up lately…not sure why.
  • God is good, all the time.

Random and kind of all over the place, I know, but I had a long time to think this morning as I ran and these are just some of the thoughts running around in my head.

I’ll leave you with a pic of me and my Zachary. Red heart







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