Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Pink Bond


Yesterday I was sitting at lunch thinking…

“Wow, were it not for breast cancer we probably wouldn’t all be together right now…”

“Would we even be friends?”

“We most certainly would not be sharing some of the intimate things we share with each other!”

“It is so nice to be with friends who get it.”

There is an unspoken dialogue between cancer survivors.  There is no “putting on a brave face” or “smiling when you really want to cry” around each other, because we all get it…we have been there.  It is like therapy to be with others who have faced your same diagnosis and I am so glad I can call these ladies my friends and fellow pink survivors.


The thing that has brought us together is not a good thing…it is breast cancer.  But the bond is amazing, unbreakable…and THAT is a very good thing.  I cherish Sue and Maggie’s friendships so much that I cannot imagine my life without them in it, yet I know that a little part of ourselves had to be sacrificed to have this bond.  And we each get it.


I know for certain that God places people in our lives at certain times, in certain circumstances, to comfort, strengthen, and love each other.  I am so thankful that He saw to bring us all together just when we needed it the most.Red heart



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Anonymous said...

I know that you, pink survivors have your own way to comunicate. I m not sick in any way but my both grandparents died from cancer and until they passed away I ve been sleeping in hospital, sharing all that pain with them and others.

I dont know I m right or wrong but I wish everyone feel just for a second how it is to feel like that...so vulnerable with nothing on your side than God.
Just for a second. I m sure after that, the world would be a better place !

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