Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Happy Place

Hey guys!  I apologize for the accidental hiatus this week.  It has been a crazy week and, truthfully, I’m so glad it’s over.

From basketball camps, to baseball games, to moving, it has just been nuts around here.

WAIT, did you catch that?  MOVING??

It is not our home that we live in everyday, but rather, Our Happy Place.  This is a very bittersweet thing for us.  When we purchased this property several years ago, we did so as an investment.  Our plans have always been to build and sell on the 30+ acres on the riverfront.  We have done this fairy easily twice, and now our third cabin we built sold this week, much to our mixed emotions.

You see, when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer is when Jack started to work on this cabin.  I made many trips to the site with him because I didn’t want to be alone at the house with my thoughts.  Plus, it was always something fun and positive to look forward to.

This cabin very quickly became what I called our Happy Place.  It was our sanctuary, our safe haven from doctors, treatments, and tests.  Even though I complained about the work that it took to go to the cabin and get things together, once we got there it was easily the most beautiful and relaxing place ever.  Friends and family have joined us for many a weekend of good times and togetherness. 


But we always knew that it was actually for sale.  I mean, this is part of what we DO.  We build homes and we sell them.  So when work slowed down this past winter, we started wondering if we should be more aggressive in selling the cabin.  Our heads said “yes,” and our hearts said “no.”

So we did the only thing we knew to do…WE GAVE IT TO GOD.  I didn’t know how to pray, for it to sell and be back on track, or for it not to sell, and keep enjoying all our times there.  So I told God, “Whatever is Your Will here, is what I’m praying for.  I can’t say to sell or not, so whatever happens here I give it to You, Lord.” 

And here we are.  We will close in a week or so, but we have already moved everything out [we had WAY more junk than I thought we did!].  The buyers have already taken possession and will be enjoying the 4th of July there this weekend.  I’m trying not to think about it.

But I will say that there has been no better place to cool off after a run…oh the MILES I have run down those roads!  And there is no better ice bath than the beautiful river!

IMG_2824      IMG_1457


So we will adjust, and move forward, knowing that God always has our best interests at the center of His Being.  And we will praise Him for continuing to provide for our family.

Have a great 4th of July weekend, friends Red heart 

Celebrate freedom, cherish your memories, and check your ta~tas.


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