Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fantastic Fifteen


What a great day it has been so far!  An early morning run, followed by a great church service, now baking cookies with Katie, and this evening we have friends coming over for dinner.  Yes, this is good good Sunday!

I was out barely before the sun this morning for my long run of the week.  My calendar had me doing a step-back of an 8-miler. ----> A step-back week is when you shorten your long run back a few miles in order to “reboot” and recover before continuing to up the mileage the following week.  Most marathon training plans have a couple of these weeks in a 16-week training plan.  

However…I diverted from my calendar, and by the time the sun had rose higher in the sky, my long run looked like this:


Haha, oops.Winking smile  My legs felt so good, and I was feeling very confident after last week’s 14-miler that I decided to keep going this morning.  I love days like that, when it just feels so good to RUN.  And after having a good check-up on Friday, I felt like I could breathe deeply again.

The breakdown:

I am left with many endorphins rushing through my body, and, um, a little chafing.  Or maybe a lot of chafing.  Yet another reason why I am ready for fall. 

An ice bath eased my tired legs and then we were off to church.  We have missed the last three weeks and it felt SO GOOD to go worship.  I do my daily quiet time and devotions, and God and I, we talk, quite often, but there is nothing like being with your church FAMILY and singing praises and worship choruses. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

When we left church we headed to the grocery store to get the ingredients for a new recipe, from the new cookbook that I’ve been poring over for the past two days.  Yes, I’ve been obsessively waiting on Mama Pea’s book “Peas and Thank You” to arrive, and it finally came!!!

Katie and I chose to make Mama Pea’s famous dough balls so that is what’s in our oven right now.  The kitchen smells soooooo good! 

I’m off to go clean up our mess now, somehow Katie doesn’t seem to think that cleaning up is a part of cooking.  Hmmm, she must have heard that nasty rumor from her father. Winking smile

Enjoy the small things and tell someone you love them today.

Love to you, friends.


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