Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fab Fourteen

Good Sunday Morning! 

And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my Mom and Dad!! momanddad2

What a great looking couple right here!  I love you guys! Red heart

I celebrated my parents’ anniversary by going for a 14 mile run.  Haha!  I was up before the sun and had my cup of coffee and quiet time, and as it started to lighten up outside I was off!  I know I sound like a broken record here- but it was hot and humid, per usual- and it was fantastic.  I took water with me, and 2 Gu packets which helped mucho!  Has anyone ever had the chocolate Gu before?!  Oh my word, it’s like eating chocolate frosting…YUM!!! 

The breakdown:

I am feeling GREAT about this training run!  1) Because it is the longest distance I have covered since the STL Marathon in April, and 2) I pushed through the heat and humidity to complete the whole distance I had planned on.  It’s a confidence booster for sure, which is super important in running.  I believe running is more mental than physical, actually.  Anyway, my endorphins are pumpin’ right now. Open-mouthed smile

And to help heal and prevent injury, the ice bath:

So brutal but felt so good, too.

As for yesterday’s yard sale, it was a complete success!  Well, I guess not completely because I still have tons of stuff!!  I sold so much yesterday but there is still a mini mountain in my garage.  Ugh.  I think I’m just going to pack it all in totes and have another yard sale this fall after it cools off outside.  And I’m sure I could find more stuff to sell between now and then!  At least it’s all already priced, right?

In other weekend news, Katie got to take her earrings out finally.  She had them pierced when we were in STL for Komen and this weekend was the 6-week mark.  She was so excited to take the little flowers out that they pierced them with and choose another pair…and another pair…and another pair…and another pair…  You get the point. Winking smile  She must have changed earrings every five minutes!  IMG_2926

Ok, I’m off for a little while.  Going to check out a job site with the hubby and then maybe some river time! 

Have a great rest of your Sunday, guys!


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