It’s Not The Heat, It’s the Humidity

Hello FRIDAY!!! 

Question:  Is it hot where you are?

According to all major news sources there is record heat almost everywhere across the nation.  I know it’s here in Missouri for sure!  Stifling seems to be a good word.  Heat indexes are reaching well above one-hundred…we have killer humidity here.  There is no such thing as straight hair, trust me.  Ha, saying that reminds me of the episode of Friends when they they all went somewhere tropical and Monica’s hair responded to the humidity like this:


Hahaha!  Funny!  What’s not funny is we have been under an excessive heat warning for most of the week with no end in sight.  Ugh.

So what did I do first thing this morning?  I went for a run of course. Smile  Are you really surprised?  I did 5 miles and sweated buckets. 


I thought I would pull up my heart rate also…yep, it’s up there!  I love to wear the heart rate strap with my watch because I can actually SEE how hard I’m working.  Just another piece of information to play with.


I’m off to go drag out some more yard sale stuff.  I cannot WAIT until tomorrow is over!  I know it will be so worth it, though.

Have a great day, guys!



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