Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quite App-ealing

Hey guys!  How are you doing on this fine Thursday?  I am doing great despite the fact that my upstairs [where the kids live and my yard sale stuff is] looks like a tornado went through and THEN a bomb went off.  Umm yeah, it’s that bad. 

I cannot WAIT to have my yard sale on Saturday.  But first things first, I must finish getting all the stuff out and pricing it first! Winking smile  My hubby said last night, “I’m really surprised that you’re getting all this together and having a yard sale!” 

What’s THAT supposed to mean?!  Yeah, I won’t go there.

The kids helped me out yesterday by going through some more stuff and pricing.  Somehow, Katie ended up with a price sticker on her forehead.  I won’t say which brother is guilty…Tyler.  Bless her little heart.

But I’m getting ready to go upstairs and tackle some more stuff.  I did Jeanette Jenkins Kickboxing DVD this morning and followed it up with a 1 mile walk/run outside.  One mile is definitely enough going up and down my hill in this heat!  My dogs even looked at me like I was crazy.  And no, they didn’t even make an effort to go with me.  Smart ladies they are.

On a different note:

Do you have a smartphone?  Do you have apps??

If someone were to look at your phone, what could that person be able to tell about you?  What do your apps say about you?? 

Me?  Well let’s take a look!



My Home screen has most of the apps I use quite frequently.  Important things like Maps, USA Today, and Google are here…because you KNOW they are just as important as Facebook, Twitter, and E! Online.Winking smile  My home screen may tell you that I like to keep in contact socially…heehee…drives my husband crazy!










By looking at the second screen, one can determine that I like to have my Bible accessible to me at all times (2 different versions plus some devotions), and I like to cook…and these two Apps – AllRecipes and Whole Foods are both good ones.  ESPN ScoreCenter is also used all the time to check on all my favorite teams, especially the Cardinals!









I LOVE my SiriusXM Radio app, even though sometimes I am in areas where I don’t have enough signal to pick it up.Annoyed  I frequently use the KFVS12 and KSDK News apps to check on things locally and in the STL area.  The CaringBridge app is to keep tabs on Maggie, Marcy, Ashley, Melanie, and little Kate McRae.  And it’s SO handy to be able to check movie times on my Fandango app.







Ok, this is where the GAMES are!!  I am loving Words with Friends, and Hanging with Friends [it looks like I need to catch up a little judging by that “6”!], and there are a whole slew of other games that Katie begged me to get at one time or another so she could play them.  And like a good mother I got them so she would be quiet.  Umm, Cure magazine is also on here [I got hooked on it during countless trips to Siteman]; other health related apps include BC Guide and Breast Health.  






So what do YOUR apps say about YOU??  Oh—and my background screen says “SAVE SECOND BASE!Laughing out loud

Maybe Mama Pea will create an app after her book, Peas and Thank You, officially comes out this month!  If so, I will definitely have it!  I pre-ordered her book this morning and cannot WAIT for it to arrive.  You can bet I will trying out some of her delicious recipes on my family.

Have a great day, folks!


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selah said...

I noticed your Starbucks app - that is on my home page and I consider it one of my most important apps! :) GasBuddy, Groupon and MobileRSS are also on my home page. Dee

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