Thursday, July 14, 2011

All Is Well-And HOT!

Yo friends!IMG_2866

I know, I know, it’s been awhile!  And it’s actually going to be a little while longer because to end this crazy busy week, we are having a crazy busy weekend.  I just wanted to pop in for a sec and let y’all know that all is well here. Open-mouthed smile  All is well…and HOT!!  YIKES!!!  Holy Heat Wave, Batman! IMG_2870

AND, being the good parents we are Winking smile we sat out in that heat to watch Tyler play baseball.  Oh the things we do for our kids.  It was the players I felt really sorry for…if we were hot and miserable, I KNOW they were feeling worse! 



Katie also started gymnastics this week!  She has wanted to for SO LONG, so I thought, “Ah, what’s ONE MORE child’s activity going to do to the schedule??”  Insane moment clearly.  I don’t know what this fall will look like when we have HS Cross Country, HS Baseball, JH Basketball, AND Gymnastics to try to fit in!  But she is SO HAPPY, and seeing her in her leotard flipping and working with all the other girls, you couldn’t have wiped that smile off her face if you tried. Winking smile  So worth it. 








Well, since this post is clearly Katie-focused…and I really didn’t mean for it to be!  I suppose it’s fitting to end with another picture of the Princess. Smile



Yep…I know what you’re thinking.  Can you imagine this child when she’s a teenager??  Pray for me. Winking smile

Love y’all!


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