Weekend Getaway

Hey y’all!  How was your weekend??  I hope you enjoyed every second of it, I know we did!


Being the safety-minded Momma that I am, I can now say that we were in Branson this past weekend picking Tyler up from baseball camp. 


He and a couple other high school baseball players spent a week of their summer vacation honing their skills and working with some of the best instructors at Sho-Me Baseball Camp.  They had a GREAT TIME and learned lots!  We went and watched their games on Thursday night and Friday morning with the other parents then we all spent the whole weekend playing in Branson.

The weekend involved lots of shenanigans that involved a lot of this:

  And these:

Late nights playing mini-golf and riding go karts were the daily routine, and spending a day on the lake swimming, tubing, and hanging out made it such a fabulous 3 days!  We ate great food, spent time with great friends, and made great plans to do it again as soon as possible! Open-mouthed smile

I am also very proud to say that even though we kept late hours every day, I still managed to get up at 530am and keep to my workout schedule.  Sometimes it can be hard to keep on track when you’re not at home, but it feels SO GOOD when it all works out.

  • Friday morning (hotel gym)- kickboxing cardio to warm up (10 mins.) and 45 minutes elliptical
  • Saturday morning (hotel gym)- 30 minutes elliptical and 5 mile run outside (47:36)
  • Sunday morning (streets of Branson!!!)- 10.5 mile long run (1:56:17)

Woop woop!  Exercising (especially EARLY MORNING) starts my day out on the right foot and those endorphins keep me sane the rest of the day…well most of the timeWinking smile  The long run didn’t quite go as planned, but I just had to roll with it.  I went a little before 6am, trying to beat the heat and missed…I don’t think I could have beaten it if I had gotten up at TWO a.m.! Sun It was muggy and humid so I took it superrrrr slow (and walked quite a bit) as I made my way down the strip in Branson, which was awesome BTW! 

And I managed to forget $$ so I could stop and grab a water or whatever, AND forgot a Gu packet or two…geez!  You’d think it was my first run. Confused smile 

The hills were a killer, too, combined with the heat it didn’t make for a good combo.  I dreamed about my ice bath throughout my run, and baby, let me tell you IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  AHHH!!  So I didn’t fall TOO short of my 12-mile goal.  It’s all good! Thumbs up

Here’s the breakdown:

Yes, quite a bit of walking.  I am a fan of walk breaks…especially yesterday. Winking smile

I am off to sort garage sale stuff…ughhhhhhhhh……. <------THIS I am NOT a fan of, ANY day. Annoyed


Gymnastics today too!

Have a beeee-autiful day, friends!



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