Friday, May 22, 2009

My Happy Place

Welcome to Amazing Grace Estates! Welcome to my happy place!

Beautiful sunrise, huh? This is my favorite time of day at our cabin at the river. Before everyone is up and around, I love to sit on the deck with a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise while I have my quiet time. Although, I admit, I had my quiet time on the couch this morning while watching the sun rise out the picture windows because it was a little chilly outside and I forgot my jacket at home. ;-) We love it here, and while we're only about 40 minutes from home, it feels like we are a world away.

When I was first diagnosed last September, I would ride down here with Jack to check on the crew and look at the progress, and I remember standing on the deck watching the river flow by and saying, "This is my happy place. Before we know it, next summer will be here and all this will be over." And now here we are. I truly feel like I've come full circle. Now I can sit on my deck and Praise the Lord for all our blessings, and be so thankful that the past 8 months have gone so quickly. I never want to forget how He has guided us through and given us the gift of healing. I never want to take for granted how precious each day is, and what a gift it is.

Here are my 3 favorite little people, posing on the deck!

Yes, we are right on the riverbank, hence the piers. All homes right on the river are built "up" to protect from flooding.

I hope ya'll have a great loooonnnggg holiday weekend! Enjoy it and be safe! xoxoxo


Mrs. LC said...

Wow that looks amazing! Can I come visit? :)

Enjoy your long weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place and totally fitting name! You have come a long way and its so awesome you have stayed positive and resilient through such a scary ordeal. Hope you and your family have a blessed holiday weekend, talk to you soon!

Healthnutcutie said...

Wow!! I have those moments too, the other day I was sitting in the drive-thru at Starbucks just thinking "God, where are you?", when a tree swaying in the wind caught my eye and it was like He was say "I am here silly, I am always here"! Oh Erica, I pray that someday I will have faith like you! The cabin is beautiful and the coffee sounds amazing!

Keri said...

It looks AMAZING!!! And if I had a place like that, I would also be hanging out on the deck in the early morning hours when everything is so you think God speaks more clearly in place like that? I do!!

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