Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun Five Senses

Hey ya'll~

So I've read a super cute post by my blog-buddy, Keri, about taking all five senses and naming four things that she liked and one thing that she disliked about each. So I thought I would copy her (sorry, Keri!) and make a list of my own! Here goes!


  1. Crisp Gala apples are my favorite kind of apple.
  2. I LOVE Mexican food! Put some queso cheese dip on it with a little spice, and I'm a happy girl!
  3. I love a good pizza! It's probably my favorite splurge-food. I.have.no.control.
  4. I like big, juicy strawberries dipped in Cool Whip!
  5. I can't stand even the thought of St. Louis Bread Co...can barely even type it. I had it for lunch during almost every chemo treatment and the thought of it now makes me gag!


  1. I like to see pews full on Sunday morning.
  2. I love to see my children get along! Doesn't happen all the time, so when it does I take it all in.
  3. I like to come home in the evening and see my home lit up and waiting for me...so inviting.
  4. And when I walk into my home I love to see it all clean...especially if I wasn't the one who had to do it! ;-)
  5. I dislike seeing my mom cry.


  1. I love to hear the sound of my children laughing.
  2. I love the sound of boats going up and down the river in the summertime.
  3. I love to hear a congregation sing a praise and worship song like Open The Eyes of My Heart, with all their heart and you can just feel the Spirit moving.
  4. I love to hear my hubby tell me that he loves me <3
  5. I dislike the sound of someone smacking their food while they chew.


  1. I love the smell of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner cooking.
  2. I like Bath & Body's Japanese Cherry Blossom body wash, lotion, spray...all of it!
  3. I love the smell of the river...yes, it does have a smell. It smells of summertime, sunshine, and everything wonderful outdoors!
  4. I like my Woodwicks candle, scent Cinnamon Chai.
  5. I dislike the smell of skunks.


  1. I like it when my hubby pinches my booty! lol
  2. I like to pet a furry little puppy.
  3. I LOVE to have my back scratched!!
  4. I have had two massages in my life and they were absolute HEAVEN! I could use another one!
  5. I dislike it when my hubby had freezing hands and touches me...anywhere!

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!


Keri said...

How fun!!!! What a treat to read some interesting things about you I would have never known otherwise! We do have many things in common....several times while reading your lists I was thinking, "me too!!" or "I should have said that one".

Thanks for sharing! I wish you a happy summer with many boats going up and down the river, lots of good praise and worship experiences, a good massage (girl, you are waaaaay deserving of one), Mexican food, and no skunks!!