Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Oh my lovlies~

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions. Good because I got my 10th of 17 Herceptin treatments knocked out! Yay! Good because the Lord guided and protected us to and from STL, and the "from" part was rather tricky...there were severe thunderstorms in the area yesterday and they did quite a bit of damage to the area. Good because I got to eat a fantastic lunch out at Casa Gallardo then hit the mall for a quick run-through! Good because I got to spend the day with my mom :-)

On the flip side, I was stressed out when Tyler texted me during treatment and told me that he was under a desk because of a tornado! You think that didn't raise my blood pressure, um yeah, 132/104! I was also on the 7th floor watching the storms move through, lightning and all. Let me tell ya, the last place I want to be in a severe storm is on the 7th floor. Disappointed because when I got my labs back, my white blood count was the lowest it has ever been :-( Everything was great, except for that darn white count. My nurses said it is probably just a lingering effect of radiation. My counts never got that low during chemo because I was getting the Neulasta shot, so this is the first time my body is having to recover without it. So, ok. But it really did weigh on my mind the rest of the day.

But all in all I got a great treatment and am one step closer to being a SURVIVOR. I got up and had a great run this morning, going 5 miles. The rest of the day I have cleaned house...meh. And right now I am watching "Baby Mama," this movie is hilarious! "Did you just put your gum under my coffee table?" "Huh? What?" Cracks me up every time!

Tomorrow we are going to church and then out to dinner with our parents...celebrating Mother's Day! To those of you who are moms...I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY!


Sammie said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, tornadoes are scary! We lucked out here just getting heavy rains and wind. Hope everything is okay with you guys and that you had an awesome Mother's Day. Will pray that white count to come back up and that the rest of your treatment will go smoothly :)

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