Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Long & HOT Run

Hello from this hot and sweaty girl! 

Today was my scheduled long run for marathon training for the inaugural St. Louis Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon!  I am excited for my third marathon, and READY for some cooler temperatures that I’m hoping fall will bring. 


This morning was another hot and humid run:


I was very proactive, though, in my pace and kept it slow and steady from the get-go.  I averaged a 9:43 pace throughout, and doing so made it much easier to do the 8 miles.  My leg didn’t bother me at all, going the slower pace.  Yay!


But I tell ya what, I was never more ready for a tall glass of ice water than I was when I got back home!  Oh so good!  You know what else sounds really good right now?  Watermelon…mmmmm.  I may need to run to the store and get one. Smile



I am done icing now so I’m going to get off here for now.  I’ll be back later as soon as I get some pics from my 15-year high school class reunion, which was last night.  It was a good time!

Later, gators! Winking smile


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