Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Means GO!


Oh it’s a happy, and BEAUTIFUL, morning in the neighborhood!  The sun is shining and the day looks good!  I started my day early, waking up around 545am.  For some reason I bounded out of bed with plenty of energy despite being at the baseball field til 945pm and not getting into bed til 11pm or so.  When I looked at the temp around 6, I was so excited that it showed 62*!!!  One quick peek out the door and I confirmed that it was cool(er) and the perfect morning to RUNNNNN!!! 

I headed out at 7am and it did not disappoint!  It felt GREAT.  My times reflected it, too:

5 wonderful miles in 44:08!  And these are the fastest times I’ve recorded in quite some time.  I thought my slower times were a result of my injury and taking time off – and some of it IS probably due to that – but I think much of it is also due to the crazy high heat and humidity we’ve had for the past month or so.  This morning was a welcome change.  I told my mom that I wish EVERY morning was like this morning.  But if we can’t have it that way, then I’ll just soak up mornings like this one and enjoy it.  Thank You, Jesus, for the relief. 

When I got back home it was time to get things in order for the day.  First up, a green monster:

Chock full of goodness:

ANDDDD whirl in the Vitamix.  Delish!  Did you notice the chocolate pattern?!  Oh yeah!  It makes it taste like a treat! Thumbs up

Alrighty folks, I’m off for a day of chauffeuring high school basketball boys.  Pray for me Winking smile


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