Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I know that more than one post a week day is a may-jah shocker to you (as it probably well should be) but actually the What I’ve Been Up To post was supposed to publish YESTERDAY, but mother nature had other ideas…  I sent this text to my sisters after not being able to go through with my morning ritual of reading blogs, checking the news, and social media: 

A bolt of lightning hit in our driveway yesterday during a rainstorm and managed to knock the roots out of a tree, put hole and a crack in our concrete patio, fry the modem part of our satellite box, AND jack up our landline phone and INTERNET.  I am embarrassed to say that I was really missing my online connection.  I couldn’t even get enough signal to play Words or check Facebook on my phone!  I know, I know… Embarrassed smile 

But we are all better now, and here I am…checking Facebook and reading backlogged blogs like a madwoman!  Closets to clean?  What closets to clean??  Priorities, people. Winking smile

Yesterday afternoon I went to my mom and dad’s and hit up a 5-miler on their treadmill.

I kept a slow, easy pace and had a little soreness in my quad throughout the second half of the run.  I probably got a little excited after my good 5-miler on Monday and shouldn’t have run yesterday, but I couldn’t help it.  I typed *NSYNC into the Pandora app on my phone and listened to all kinds of old-school music…songs can certainly take you back!  Thanks to my sister, Jessica, for giving me the heads up on this app!  I love it!

Today, though, I am listening to my BODY and did my Crunch DVD…


I was seriously drenched in sweat when I was finished!  I really like this workout.  My sister, Layne, swears by her Jillian DVDs so I need to give them a try, too.  I heart Jillian.

I just had the best, HUGE salad beast for lunch and am now off to be productive.  Baseball tonight!  We are crossing our fingers for a win for Tyler’s wood bat league team, AND for our Cardinals.  We had bad news this week in Cardinal Nation:

Yes, Tony, us too.  Praying for Albert to come back quick and even stronger than before.  In the meantime, let’s not have any more ugly losses like last night, K?

Cheer for your favorite team today!


Our potential is God's gift to us. Living up to our potential is our gift to Him.
Anyone else feel like giving Him that gift today?

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