Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Hope

One cool thing about writing a blog is that once you have been blogging for a little while, you are able to go back and reminisce and compare from years past.  Like…

This past weekend’s Komen Race For The Cure in St. Louis.  Let’s check out the hair, shall we?


June09 006

2010Komen2010 085

2011:  Finally, a PONYTAIL!!! DSC02535

Yay, right?!  Every time I start to feel like my hair has stunted growth, I need to look at these pictures and see that it really IS growing.  Now if I could just get my eyelashes to do the same. Confused smile

I also want to take just a second and show you some amazing pictures from Saturday’s Race For The Cure.  The sea of people was nothing short of breathtaking.




And continuing on with our “HOPE” theme, I have found a new workout partner!  I haven’t run with Hope yet, mainly because I can’t run (more on that later), but she is fabulous walking partner!

And you can see my pink pepper spray here in the picture, but I may not need that as she gets bigger!  Heehee, just her presence may deter anybody -or anyTHING- I may encounter.Winking smile  Yesterday we walked for 5 miles, and did it in 1:14:34…Hope didn’t miss a step.  She wasn’t distracted by bugs, birds, squirrels, the woods, nothing.  I did not expect such a young puppy to be so calm!  I am LOVING this girl more and more! 

Of course, we worked up quite a sweat in the heat and humidity, and Hope headed straight for the river for a drink and to cool off, IMG_2785


Yes, this looks like one tired puppy!


Today I went for another 5 mile walk, but didn’t take Hope, and did it in 1:06:16.  My shin splints are healed and not hurting at all, but now I have what I think is a quad strain.  So I am going to try and get all healed up before marathon training officially starts in a couple of weeks.  Boo injuries.

We are doing Vacation Bible School this week, so there is no downtime…is there ever?!  I better get goin’ on it!  Later guys!



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