Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

Whew, I know, third post in one day?!  What??!!  Who am I??

I know, it’s a little overwhelming, but I had so much to show you on each post!  This is how I roll I guess…in spurts!  Haha!  But now on to Memorial Day weekend pictures…Sun


We had a great long weekend at our cabin, and while the river is still up a few feet from the flooding, we had a wonderful and RELAXING time.  The weather was hot and humid, just the way you like it at the river, and the kids rarely came inside.  Seriously, from 730am til after dark they only came inside to grab food and the occasional bathroom break.  A GREAT time was had by all!

Some of the kids enjoying BBQ on the deck:IMG_2637

Zach chowing down on some grilled corn:IMG_2638

More kids, and Katie getting awfully close to Patrick, hmmmmWinking smile:IMG_2640

Katie getting in the middle of Dusty and Maggie: IMG_2646

Mom and Dad:IMG_2647

Jason, Brayden, and Jessa:IMG_2648

Mason (somehow his Momma and Daddy escaped my camera lens):IMG_2649

Maggie and I, pink sisters forever!  I LOVE YOU!IMG_2651

River friends and real friends, Jason and Andi:IMG_2652

And this is what our kids do at the cabin, like I said, they never come inside!  This weekend, they built a new fort, since the flood washed away the one from last year.  It’s amazing really, our kids could be on Survivor for sure!  Impressive, kids!




Getting ready to start their first fire to make s’mores at the fort:IMG_2660



Success!  We had to almost literally DRAG them inside later that night!:IMG_2664


I love how much our kids love to play outside.  I love how they don’t depend on cell phones, video games, and television to have a good time.  Yes, they like these things but they certainly have just as much fun spending the day outside and playing!  And can I just say that I also love how much the 15-year olds still “play” outside?!  Hailey wasn’t there for these pictures, but she and Tyler enjoy playing outside just as much as the younger ones…that’s awesome.  Reminds me of when they were little, and how a part of them still is. Smile 

I cherish these moments so much.  Many memories made.

Ok, so I THINK I’m caught up on posts for now!  But before I go, I wanted to share with you my new favorite shirt, with a GREAT MESSAGE:

OH yeah!  I love the sassy styleWinking smile  And Jack likes the moose…go figure.  But seriously, ladies,


We leave for Komen STL Race for the Cure in ONE WEEK!!!  YAY!!!!!!!  Go PINK!!


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Maggie said...

I'm glad you're all caught up now. I've been checking daily. I wish I could be here next week for the Race. Hopefully it will be a little cooler on Saturday. Love you and hope to see you!


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