Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I’ve Been Up To


Long time, no post! Winking smile  Sorry!

After a week of Vacation Bible School, baseball, and playing with family, I am back with finally a little time to blog.  Limited of course, but at least I am here. 

My sister, Layne, and her two boys have been here going on three weeks (!!!), and we are all getting together as much as possible and spreading the love!  It is so great when she is here, because even those of us who live fairly close (ahem, me, Matt, Jessa) make more time to get together. 

Needless to say, I have taken LOTS of pictures lately so I’ll share some with you today. 

Oh, and another bright spot lately ------> I ran 5 miles yesterday with little to no discomfort!!  I took it very easy and didn’t push, and it felt so great…even though it was already 80* at 8am!  A hot and sweaty morning at the river is a great way to start the day, for sure! 


Katie, Caleb, and Ethan had a delicious local tradition one night after Bible School.  Mmmmm, ice cream!




And VBS was a big success, with 80 kids in attendance and many teachers and helpers!  It was a fun, Island with a palm treeBeach Blast-ySun kind of week!!



DSC02575 VBS2011

We’ve also had MUCHO time spent enjoying our beautiful river AND each other!








Now it is back to the week and back to a normal-ish schedule.  I’m sure we will fit in some fun and water-time at some point this week amidst all the baseball, basketball, and office work that is going on!  And Saturday is my 15-year class reunion…OH GEEZ!  Have I really been out of school that LONG?!  It honestly seems like only yesterday that I graduated.  Crazy how fast time flies.

Spend time with those you love, splash in some water, and check your boobies, ladies!


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Maggie said...

So glad you posted. I've been wondering what you've been up to - besides a short chat via text this morning. Hope to see you soon :)

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