Saturday, June 25, 2011

By The Numbers

Welcome to a sunshine-y Saturday morning! Sun


We came home from a full day of basketball yesterday [4 games for these boys…whoa], to a full evening of baseball, the last regular season game of the summer; our tournament starts today.

The boys pulled off a come from behind WIN to get the victory with a score of 10-9!!!!  We won with a walk off home run!  It was an awesome evening for our boys who finished the regular season with a record of 7-1.  The end of the season tournament starts today, so we’ll see how far we can take this thing!

I had a HOT HOT HUMID run outside this morning, 79*.  Oy, it was sticky.  My fingers are slightly sticking to the keyboard as I type this.  Gross I know.  But I figure I’m not rushing out to take a shower just yet, because I’ll be sitting at the baseball game in an hour and a half so it kinda defeats the purpose.Winking smile  I’ll just wait until I get back home…if I can stand it.

Today’s run: 2011-06-25_0921garmin

A little slower than my 5-miler earlier in the week, but it was almost 20* warmer, too.  So not too bad.  My quad muscle feels ok when I run…not great, but ok.  I’m hoping that as I am taking days off in between, not doing as much as usual, that it will gradually get better.  I can definitely see progress in that direction so I’m crossing my fingers.Fingers crossed

Lately I have been doing some checking into getting my Personal Trainer’s Certification.  I would really like to have it, then go further and be certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.  My only hang-up is, THEN WHAT??  We live in a VERY rural area and it’s not like I can go to a gym and get a job (because there isn’t one), so I am just kind of lost.  This is something I would love to do; to work with cancer patients and survivors to empower them to change their lives and their bodies…to get moving and feel better despite the cards we’ve been dealt. 

So…we shall see…like I said, I’m kind of lost about it.

Ok, I’m off to think about something easier…like my boys’ baseball games. Smile  THEN my 15-year high school class reunion is tonight!  That just seems impossible that I’ve been out of school that long.  Crazy.

Stay cool, friends!


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