Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Month??

What month is it?  This is June, right??  Well our weather sure feels like July or August!



It is so HOT AND HUMID right now!  It really felt like a July morning on my run this morning.  The humidity was stifling.  I’m not really one that likes to drink my air.  That’s the thing about Midwest summertime runs…if you run in the morning trying to beat the heat you will likely encounter higher humidity.  And boy, I felt it this morning!


I took walk breaks in the second half of the run.  Much needed!!  My shins are holding up well, although they were bothering me a little during the first mile.  They loosened up after that and felt ok.  I am doing days of walking instead of running each week, and one day of Pilates also, trying to give my legs less impact.  So far, so good.

In all this heat and humidity the last thing I want to today is sit outside and bake in the lawn chair for two hours (sorry, boys!), but this is what I’m going to do!  The boys have a baseball game at high noon today, so that is what’s up with the rest of the day.  I also need to make a grocery run because Katie says, “Mom.  We have nothing.”  For the record, we actually do have food, just none she wants to eat. Winking smile

If you are in the water today, be it a pool, lake, river, or whatever, please think of me baking in the sun, being a good mom and watching my boys play baseball!  This is one of a few times that they will play on the same team so I’m soaking it in. 

Hope y’all have a great day!

Make every minute count today, check your boobies, and wear sunscreen.


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