Saturday, May 7, 2011

Diagnosis Perspective

Hello friends!

I am happy, yes HAPPY, to report that yesterday’s trip to STL for my doctor’s appointment and bone scans were great!

Diagnosis: Shin Splints !!!

And yes, those are exclamation points behind that diagnosis!  WHY am I so happy about shin splints??  Well because out of shin splints, stress fractures, and cancer, SHIN SPLINTS are definitely the least of all evils.  For sure.  So I will take me some shin splints…and a little respite from running.

So…I am now in search of low impact workout I can do until I can run again.  I hit up ExerciseTV this morning, for some great lower-body workouts by THE Jillian and then did my own kickboxing set.  This morning’s workout looked like this:

  • 125 plié squats with toe lift
  • 15 curtsy squats each side
  • 25 side lunges with knee raise each side
  • 10 forward lunges each side with row
  • kickboxing – roundhouse kicks 20 each side x3, series of jabs and punches
  • pilates ab work
  • yoga cool down

I was definitely sweating up a storm when I was finished and my legs were trembling.  The whole workout, plus a couple of interruptions, took me about 45 minutes or so.  Whew!

It’s crazy how our perspectives can shift, huh?  Before cancer, shin splints would certainly not have been a celebrated thing.  But when your life now involves cancer, the things that were once so “life-changing” are not so bad anymore. 

I was just sharing this with Kristin.  A friend of a friend, who, is now beginning a cancer journey.  Not her though, but her husband Daniel.  He is inpatient right now at Barnes-Jewish receiving care for leukemia; a diagnosis that has completely blindsided them and their family.  They have 3 beautiful little girls and their life has been turned upside down right now. -Whoa, been there.-  


My heart aches for them, as I know what a battle it is to face a cancer diagnosis.  The places our mind goes and the mental battle that we must fight every day is not something I would wish on anybody.  Some days are great, and cancer is just a blink in the back of your mind…and others it is clearly in focus and you are wondering what your future holds.  But one thing is always true and we can hold on to this truth:  That God is not startled by anything, and He only wants what’s best for us ALL OF THE TIME.  God is good ALL THE TIME, and He holds us in the palm of His hand and lets us hide beneath His robe.  Thank you, Jesus. 

I would ask that you would keep Kristin and Daniel and their family in your prayers.  That our God, our Great Physician, would touch and heal Daniel’s body and give them the strength and the peace they need to get through this journey.

So hug your kids, check your ta~tas, and don’t forget that tomorrow is Mother’s Day!


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