Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Living Life

live the width_xl

I love this saying.  So, so true. Rainbow



I had the best run of the week (thus far) this morning.  It was glorious, and I just cruised for an easy 7 miles.  I love runs like that.  I wanted to go further, but didn’t want to push it since taking my two weeks off because of shin splints.  But oh, how I wanted to!  I am loving our weather this week.

Something that has never happened to me before on a run this morning: I startled a baby deer as it lay in a pile of leaves beside the road.  I didn’t even see it as I ran down the road, but as soon as I got next to it, he (she?) took off like lightening the other direction!  Of course, I jumped in the other direction when I heard the leaves rustle and saw movement out of the corner of my eye!  I felt so bad because I know I scared it to death!  Poor little thing.  It still had it spots and everything…it just tried to scamper away on new little legs.  As I circled around, I saw him (her?) hiding under a picnic table,



Poor baby.  I hope it’s little heart settled down before too long!  I could tell it was scared.

In other news, Bulldog Baseball is over for the season as the boys lost their semi-final game in Districts yesterday.  BUT…no fear, baseball shall continue.  Summer league starts tomorrow.  No, we don’t get much time to breathe around here. Winking smile

Tomorrow is another trip to STL to see Jack’s allergy dr and see if his blood work from last week showed any more indications of a fish allergy.  Praying that that’s not the case.

The countdown is on: only 6.5 days of school left! 

And only 2 more days until Jack and I will celebrate our 16th anniversary! Red rose 

Love madly and give extra kisses to someone today.

Stay in His Grip.


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