Monday, May 23, 2011

Fellow Missourians

Yesterday started with a great worship service at church and ended with us staring at the television at the utter devastation in Joplin.

Joplin, MO is a good 3 1/2 hours west of us, and was hit yesterday with a massive tornado.  the footage we watched on the weather channel last night left us with our mouths hanging open.  I heard numbers this morning like “at least 89 confirmed dead,” and “75% of the town is gone.” 


I cannot even imagine.  Even as we watch it all unfold on the screen, it just doesn’t seem real.  I am so sad for the people of Joplin and their friends and families.  My fellow Missourians.  They are all on the top of my prayer list today.  Maybe they could be on yours, too?

On a MUCH happier note, I had a GREAT run this morning!  I set out not really knowing how far I was going to go, just that I wanted to go for as long as I could without “pushing it.”  Coming back from shin splints, I certainly don’t want to take a step back and reinjure myself!  I did 10 miles this morning, and felt AMAZING.  I made sure and kept my pace a little slower than normal.  I was very in tune with my body, waiting for the slightest twinge or pain to tell me to stop but it never came!  Yippee!  In fact, at the 10 mile mark I had to make myself stop and not go another mile or two. 


Born To Run” audiobook was playing on my run this morning.  If you are runner, you should definitely check it out!  So interesting.

I came home and iced my shins (preventative shin splint thing) while I did some Facebook-ing and blog reading.  I went over in my mind what all is going on this week.  We have a full week ahead of us.  It’s the kids’ last week of school and there are awards ceremonies, field trips, picnics, and play days…there is something going on every day!  Today is Tyler’s first athletic banquet (HS students) and Zachary’s middle school awards so I better get crack-a-lackin on my day!

If you would, please say a prayer for Maggie, as she’s having her last breast cancer surgery tomorrow!!!!!  Tomorrow is implant day when they take out the expanders and put in soft, new boobies!  Yay, Mags!!!!!  And keep her Mama, Marcy, in your prayers as well as she is recovering from a nasty staph infection that resulted in surgery to take out one of her expanders.  These poor girls!  But it will get better…one day at a time.

Appreciate the little things, check your boobies, and call someone you love.



Rachel said...

Hi Erica,

Great to stumble on your blog! Best wishes to Maggie! Have you heard about FAMEDS? The only non-profit org fighting the FDA to continue to allow the drug Avastin to be used by women with metastatic breast cancer! Sign & share Our Petition to save the 17,500 Breast Cancer Women Avastin is Working For:

Keri said...

I ran 10k again yesterday!! WooHoo! Granted, I was going at a snail's pace but I felt really good and probably could have kept on going. My goal? To be able to run 10 miles by the end of the summer at a pretty good pace.

Just training for the day I actually meet you so we can take our longs legs out for a run together! How fun would that be????

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