Friday, May 13, 2011

Burnin’ Up The Roads

Yes, yes, we have been keepin’ the roads to St. Louis


Yesterday was a another trip to the dr, but not for me, for the hubby to do some allergy testing.  There is a possibility that he may have a fish allergy, so we are checking that out.  Thankfully nothing showed up with the skin test yesterday, so the dr ordered a blood test to check further.  We will find out the results next week…when we go BACK to St. Louis!

And can I just state the obvious here…gas prices are not our friend right now. Sad smile

One thing I will look forward to for next week, though, is JUICE!!  Yep, juice.  Check this out:  I found OR Juice and Smoothie via Clare at her blog, Fitting It All In.  After she mentioned it, I could not wait to go.  And get this, there is one is Central West End, too!  That’s down by Siteman, our stomping grounds!  I had no idea there was a good juice/smoothie place there close.  So glad I know now…the hubby, notsomuch.  IMG_2588


Oh yeah!  So pretty in my cup!  This is 100% pure, organic juice from carrots, celery, and red beets.


It’s the C.C.R. on the menu.  I actually had a really hard time deciding what to get!  It took me awhile to look at all the different juice and smoothie menus.  So much goodness to choose from!  Needless to say, the hubby didn’t get anything, and wasn’t impressed. Winking smile It’s ok.  I still love him. 

I wish I could say that I was absolutely in LOVE with the juice though.  But I wasn’t.  It needed to be chilled I think…blended up in smoothie form with some ice would’ve been good!  I’ll have to remember that next time.  Jack had major fun watching me drink it. Flirt male

Before we headed home, we hit up Olive Garden for an early dinner and I had my usual soup and salad.  I LOVE their minestrone!  Doesn’t this picture make you hungry?!  Yeah, I know.


Ok, I’m off!  Kids are getting out of school early today so my time is short!  Love y’all!

Eat your veggies, kids!


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