Mother’s Day Wrap Up

Well hey guys Smile

I don’t know what it has been this week, but I just can’t seem to get caught up!  Do you ever feel that way?? 

I could probably list everything that has been occupying my time [read: 3 kids and hubby] but then that will lead to a whole new list of things that still need to be done.  And I’m not going there.  I honestly can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.

I thought I would share with you a couple of pics from Mother’s Day:

The Mamas are in the house! MOTHERSDAY2011-6

My favorite Mama – mine!  Missed you, Layne!MOTHERSDAY2011-7

And just to prove that, yes, we do know how to look at a camera: [with Brayden on the run by!]MOTHERSDAY2011-4

Our spread.  We never have a shortage of food!DSC02255


As you can see, it was a great day for us Moms.  After church all the men cooked us dinner AND even CLEANED UP their mess!  It was so nice to sit at the kitchen table and visit rather than scrubbing pots and pans and wiping off counters! It felt kind of weird…but in a good way.Winking smile  DSC02263

Doesn’t he look happy?  What a good son.  I’m so glad to know he can do this now.Winking smileMOTHERSDAY2011

But can you believe that out of all the cameras floating around, I did not get ONE picture of me with my kids?!  Epic fail.

If you have noticed that I have not updated my running log lately, it is because I’m not RUNNING.  I am kickboxing, squatting, lunging, and doing a lot of WALKING but no running.  My legs feel 100% better but I am being a very good patient and giving them until next week before I run again. 

See?  Aren’t you surprised??  I know – I think everyone around me is, too.  They’re probably also surprised that I haven’t choked anybody yet.  I have had a kid or two that have almost made my “list” but thankfully have managed to survive the running hiatus.  So far, so good.

Now I am off to attempt to get more dirt stains out of WHITE BASEBALL PANTS.  Whoever chose the color of these pants needs to come and spend a day helping me to get get all the stains out of them.  It’s so bad that every time Tyler slides, or has to dive to get a ball I just cringe and think of all the elbow grease I have in store for me.  I miss my Nana…she was the all time STAIN MASTER, Tyler’s baseball stains wouldn’t stand a chance, I promise you. Red heart

If your Nana is still around, go hug her. 



Keri said…
Your family is so beautiful and every time you post pics of your house or your cabin (that I am so happy is still standing) it just gives me warm fuzzies. I promise you that if I ever came to visit and brought my boys, we would probably never leave. That means I'd totally clean up my eating and force myself to be your new running buddy when you get all healed up. And you'd have your biggest fan all built in to your house!

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