Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Under The Gun

Well, dangit. 

Fall has officially taken the position as my favorite season.  I used to say that spring and fall were my two favorite times of the year, but with this year’s flooding and all the severe weather I have officially jumped to TEAM FALL.

This is our outlook for severe weather including TORNADOES today!  Yes, we are in the white.  Yikes!  2011-05-25_1323storms

My anxiety level is super-high right now.  I have been watching the weather channel [which is not helping my panic level] and checking the maps online, trying to determine when the nasty stuff is supposed to get here so I know when I need to go get my babies.  Best I can determine, they are saying around 3-4pm so I’m going to go to the school at 2 to pick them up.  Normally I would be able to handle this much more clearheaded, but with all that has happened in Joplin I think everybody is a little extra ramped up about all this crazy weather.

But I’m reciting to myself that God does not give us a spirit of fear and I KNOW that He is in control.  I know this, and yet my stomach is still in a knot…maybe it’s the spicy hummus I’m eating?  Hmmm….

Ok, I’m getting ready to get my kids and hide in our basement until tomorrow!

Y’all be safe!


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