Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spared and SCOTTY!

Here it is Thursday, the morning after the storm, and I am happy to report that we missed any major storms…just having had heavy rain, some wind, and thunder and lightning.  Thank you, LORD! 

As we watched local and national weather all afternoon – yes, even interrupting Oprah’s finale – we were amazed at all the tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings that were popping up all around us.  At one point, we counted 13 tornado warnings at one time.  But, like I said, thankfully we were spared any damage. 

However elsewhere in our county, about 20 miles east of here, there was a massive tornado that cut a path through a neighboring town.  But Praise God, there were no injuries or fatalities!  But check out this picture of that twister:

Yikes!  This picture was taken by a highway patrol officer from his patrol car.  When his wife put it on Facebook, she said she thought he was WAY TOO CLOSE!  For sure!


Once the storm threat was over, we settled in to watch the finale of American Idol!

Did you watch?  Did you have a favorite??

Well, we did and were beyond thrilled in the results!


We have watched young Scotty since auditions and have fallen in love with his smooth country voice and his young spirit.  Love love him!!  I am so happy he won, and we all know that Lauren is going to tear it up also…she is amazing!  What made my heart smile was he consistent profession of faith.



I've got to thank the Lord first; he got me here," McCreery said in front of a cheering audience.

Yep.  Love it.  Thank you, Lord, for allowing Scotty to bring Your Name to the main stage and to bring Honor and Glory to You.  Awesome.

Something else to be happy about: Today is the kids’ last day of school!  After today, I will officially have a

sophomore in HS,
an 8th grader,
and a 2nd grader!

Whoa.  Please time, freeze right NOW!

Smile today.  Find something to rejoice about.  And appreciate the little things.


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