Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow, I am dragging on this Monday morning afternoon.  Fall has finally come (Thank you, Jesus!) so this morning it was rather chilly in the house.  So chilly, in fact, that I went out and sat in my car with the heated seat on high and ended up falling asleep…for 45 minutes!!  And I am STILL so tired this afternoon.  I don’t know the reason, but you KNOW I’m tired when I skipped my run yesterday AND today!  Yep, you read that right, skipped my runs.  I figure my body must need it badly because I’m not even fighting with myself;-)

The weekend was busy and FUN, so that = no posts!  On Friday we headed to our friends’ house in STL so Heather and I could go to the Longaberger Horizon of Hope Luncheon on Saturday.  My dr and I were asked to speak last year, and again this year.  It is such a nice event with the whole day tying into one theme, “Hope.”  I mean, with so much PINK in one room how can one go wrong?! 

I was so nervous as my time grew closer to my time to speak, but once I stepped on the platform, all the nerves just went away.  I had prayed all morning that the Lord would just let a spirit of peace just wash over me and He obliged in a BIG WAY, as only He can.  Of course, Lord.  Thank you from the bottom of my trembling heart <3

  longaberger2010-1 My doctor, Julie Margenthaler, and I at the luncheon.

longaberger2010-2 Our table of lovely ladies! Heather, Me, Circe, Julie, June, and Eileen.

While Heather and I went to the luncheon, Jack and Tim took all 5 kids to the City Museum in downtown STL.  They had the BEST TIME and now I’m thinking we need to go back because I would like to go, too!  AND, the men came home with all 5 kids that they left with.  Score one for the boys;-)

After some more playtime back at Tim and Heather’s house, we decided that we had better head home so that we didn’t get home too late.  We almost had another little princess tag along with us, but her Mommy chased her down the driveway.  Sweet Ava, she’s welcome to come with us anytime.  We’re used to princesses, hehe;-)

So now on to the week.  Zachary has 4 basketball games this week, 2 home and 2 away.  And Tyler also has a cross country meet on Wednesday.  So there is something going on every single day, with most days having more than one extracurricular activity going on.  Keeps us hopping, for sure!  Hope y’all have a good one!


Salute to the best oncologist ev-ahhh…longaberger2010-3

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