Thursday, September 23, 2010

Like His Mama

Morning, friends!  The reason for no post yesterday:  I thoroughly used my 86,400 seconds that God gave me!  I think I only sat down at the computer for a grand total of 15 minutes all day! 

I went and got my highlights freshened up as soon as I got home from running, came home and inhaled some lunch, went to see a friend going to STL for tests today, headed to the nursing home for the Wednesday service, ran errands in town, picked up kids at school and practices, then headed out of town for Tyler’s Cross Country meet at 430.  Whew!  Get all that?!

SO, the meet.  It was a miserable and hot afternoon.  I felt so sorry for all the kids running.  And if you remember Saturday’s post, I told you about the massive hill that is smack in the middle of the course…poor kids!  But of course, kids being kids, they all made it through like champs. 

Tyler did great, and finished with a time of 23:50!  He finished in 27th place out of 80+ runners!  He was bummed though because he just missed getting a medal; the top 25 medal.  SO CLOSE!  He can’t hang his head AT ALL, though!  He really gutted it out at the end, trying with all he had to beat the two boys in front of him and earn a medal.  You can see in the pics how much ground he made up and how hard he was running.  Bless his heart.  Sometimes it’s worse to miss it by mere seconds than to get blown away.  Check out these great pics,CC92210-0


CC92210-3    CC92210-4 CC92210-5 CC92210-6


I’m so proud of him!!  He ran his little heart out! 

Today is Tyler’s last baseball game for the fall, and Zachary’s second basketball game so we are venue-hopping this afternoon from the ballpark to the gym.  It’s going to be another fun-filled fabulous day! 


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