Friday, September 3, 2010

So Ready For A 3-Day!

T.G.I.F.  ‘Nuff said.

If any week deserves a three-day weekend, this is certainly it! The kids are in need of a break, too.  Katie had a melt down when I dropped her off at school this morning, crying,

“But I will miss you Maaammmmaaa….” 

Um yeah.  Two nights  in a row of staying up past her bedtime is no good for her when she has to get up at seven.  She was a little better when I left but still, gosh, it made me feel so bad!  I just wanted to go back in and get her and tell her, “It’s ok, baby, you never have to go to school again.  You can just stay at home with Mama and be with me every day.  You can sleep with Daddy and I forever and…”



I quickly brush those thoughts aside (before I change my mind) because this could be a very slippery slope.  So I say something like,

“You’ll be fine, I promise.  You’re going to have a great day and if you stay like a big girl with no tears then we will play on the playground for thirty minutes when school lets out.”

Oh yeah, I totally bribed.  Don’t judge;-)

Anyway…she stayed and had probably forgotten all about her tears within moments of me leaving.  I hope.  See?  I’m so glad it’s FRIDAY.

Surprisingly, I had a GREAT 6 mile run this morning after my little delay at first grade.  The air was cool and there was a great breeze.  I ran sans music this morning and it really allowed me to focus on my breath and my pace.  I kept pretty steady until the last mile when I gave it my all on the way back to the car.  I thought my lungs were going to explode at one point, but I said to myself,

“If you can take chemo like a champ, then you can sprint out this last mile.  If you can beat cancer, you can do THIS.”

Totally worked;-)  Here’s the splits.

MILE 1 9:20
MILE 2 9:02
MILE 3 9:03
MILE 4 9:03
MILE 5 9:06
MILE 6 8:31 <----BOOYAH!!!
TOTAL 54:08
So now that the day is started off right, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my afternoon.  I got all the payroll and bookkeeping finished bright and early this morning at 6 so that frees up the rest of my day.  Yay! 
Have a great weekend guys!  I’m anticipating a wonderful holiday weekend at the cabin;-) 
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Keri said...

Just kidding......I keep forgetting it's Labor Day weekend since they don't celebrate it here. Enjoy your 3 days off! I now have my sister here that runs as much and as fast as you do so I'm hoping she'll inspire me! We'll see!

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